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Help residents be tourists 

in their own town.

Make Driftscape part of your COVID-19 response plan.

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Promote local businesses.

Shopping locally matters more than ever. Help businesses tell their story, gain visibility and let people know what’s available today.


Businesses can also offer exclusive discounts designed to draw new customers in the door.

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Help residents rediscover their city.

Everyone will be looking for a staycation this summer.  Now is the perfect time for residents to rediscover their own neighbourhoods.


Use Driftscape to show people around by sharing points of interest and self-guided tours.


Show residents how to

get outside and stay safe.

Help residents know which amenities are open and which are closed.


Share information about how to practice physical distancing and other safety measures relevant to specific locations.

Make data-driven decisions.

Access powerful analytics. Learn where your visitors are from, how long they stayed and what they’re most interested in.


Some of our amazing customers and partners:

Map Your Story

Tell the story behind every spot.


Curate tours that guide visitors along.


Notify users when there's something interesting nearby.


A powerful content management system puts you in control.


Enable local businesses to offer secure discounts.

A/R Mode

Visitors can explore  in augmented reality.




*$149/Month with 6 months prepaid

1 Unique Branded Organization

25 Points on the Map

3 Admin Users


External Links

Hashtag Feature


Audio & Video

Advanced Analytics

1 Custom Promotional Link

One Standard Content Promotion/Year

Coupon/Discounts Management





*$349/Month with 12 months prepaid


3 Unique Branded Organizations


75 Point on the Map

5 Admin Accounts


External Links

Hashtags Feature


Audio & Video

Advanced Analytics

3 Custom Promotional Links

Unique Customizable Microregion

Three Advanced Content Promotions/Year

Coupon/Discounts Management



  • 25 Additional Points on the Map: $75/Month

  • Additional Organization: $99/Month (can only be applied to Premium Plan)

Offer Details:

  • Set-up Fee: $149 set up fee for any Driftscape plan. Set up fee is waived on prepaid contracts of 4 or more months.

  • Don’t want to commit? No problem. Pay monthly and cancel any time.



  • Branded Organization: Organize your content into categories to help your visitors explore your area, or partner with other organizations and work together to highlight the sites and stories within your destination.

  • Points on the Map: Add a point to the map.  Highlight your sites, businesses or events. Add images, audio, or video to help your visitors learn more about that stop on the map.

  • Admin Users: Give different edit permissions to others within your organization, including assigning editors to different content layers.

  • Geo Notifications: Great for allowing visitors and curious locals to uncover the hidden gems your area has to offer.  Driftscape users receive notifications when they are near a point of interest.  Creates a unique and interactive way to explore your destination.

  • External Links:  Link to other websites from within the content you publish on Driftscape. We don’t lock users down to our app.  Link to your site, give them the ability to purchase tickets for an event, or  show them some interesting information from someone else's site. The options are endless.

  • Hashtag Feature: Everything you add to Driftscape is searchable. With this feature, users can also search by hashtags (chosen by you) to see only content from your organization, OR if you want to promote a specific area of interest.

  • Tours: Link tour stops together and create a self guided tour for your visitors! Add in your own audio or video to enhance their experience.  Great for locations with many interesting points of interest!   NOTE:  Tours count as 3 points on the map, no matter how many stops there are! 

  • Multimedia: Driftscape supports multimedia in all of your points. Add images, audio or video to any of your points on the map on Driftscape and create an immersive experience for your visitors and locals. 

  • Analytics: Get detailed reports showing where your visitors are from, when they visited, and how long they stayed! Great for supporting funding requests or to help you focus your marketing efforts.

  • Deeplinks: Get a customized download link for your organization.  We’ll create a QR code for you and anyone who scans that QR code will be directed to ONLY your content.  All other content within Driftscape will be hidden.  Add the QR code to store fronts, in your visitors centre, on your social media or printed media  to customize your visitor experiences! 

  • Unique Customizable Micro-region: Control what users see when they are in your immediate area.  Use this feature to create special offers and experiences which visitors learn about from notifications when they enter your area, even when Driftscape is not running. Great for promoting restaurants, businesses and service facilities.

  • Standard Content Promotion: We will promote your organization or specific content by sending a customizable notification to all Driftscape users.

  • Advanced Content Promotion: We will promote your organization or specific content by sending a customizable notification to all Driftscape users. We will also create social media posts featuring your content.

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