Visitor engagement features that help drive traffic to the sites, stories, and experiences that are important to you!

Engage your visitors

Augmented Reality

Point and learn! With Driftscape’s augmented reality feature, explorers can discover nearby sites through the lens of their camera making their trip immersive and memorable.   


From home or while onsite, quests, are sure to create a buzz! Gamify exploration of your sites and stories.Visitors and locals alike will have fun while they play, learn and explore throughout your destination. Quests are a great way to increase traffic to the locations that are important to you by including them as a stop along the quest.

Location aware notifications

Paper or web based maps miss out on one key factor: The ability to discover nearby hidden gems! Location based notifications allow everyone to explore your destination with ease. All that users have to do is start walking and Driftscape will notify them about your hidden gems around them!

Historica Canada

Deep Links

Want a way to show only specific sites on the map or want the ability to show ONLY your content? Add your custom QR code to store fronts, in your visitors centre, printed material or embed a deep link to your social media posts to customize your visitor experiences! Deep links direct your visitors and locals to an exclusive view of the content that you want them to see.  Hiding everything else!

Micro Regions

Do you have local sites or businesses that are only important to visitors and locals when they’re actually at your destination? (local coffee shops, in-store promotions, parking garages, etc.)  Micro regions are a great way to highlight these places!  By creating a geographical area around your destination (in Driftscape), visitors will receive a welcome message when they arrive.  Use this message to keep visitors informed, or to welcome them to your destination!  Provide updates on the status of your beaches, tell them where masks are required, and direct them to your local businesses!


Display your content



It’s a proven fact that people remember more when they are given visual queues. Engage your visitors with images that tell the stories of your sites. Create a gallery of “then and now” images, show your sites in every season, or include photos of that famous local personality! 

Audio and Video

Printed guides are fine, but imagine self guided tours of your sites or a guided shopping tour of your businesses that include audio tracks and video! Create informative and interesting self guided tours that visitors will enjoy. Tell your stories in your own voice, and highlight the points that are important to you - and your visitors.

Map and List View


Because Driftscape Explorers have a choice! Visitors will be able to uncover your sites, stories and experiences in the format that they’re most familiar with, map view, list view, or even augmented reality view!

Custom Layers

Make it easier for your visitors to explore your sites categorising your content into sub-layers!. Each sub-layer will have it’s own unique icon so that visitors can quickly see the type of content they’re interested in.


Tell your story and create instant recognition for explorers by adding your own branded icons to your Driftscape layer.

Added benefits


Shared Platform

More visibility for you and your sites! This is a huge benefit to every Driftscape partner. Each partner encourages their locals and visitors to explore through Driftscape, creating an instant audience for you. Gain and share users - making your marketing efforts easier. Plus, when your content goes live in the app, we’ll announce it to every Driftscape user! Stay top of mind as a destination to visit!

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights that will inform your tourism development initiatives or assist with funding applications!  Log into your Driftscape account and learn where your visitors are coming from, the sites they visit, how long they stay and many other details that are important to you!

Real time content updates

There is no lag time between updates you make to your content and when it goes live in the app. Create new tours or update your local business promotions, all in real time. Easy to manage!

Ungated and Ad Free

Unlike many others, Driftscape does not prevent users from exploring your destination unless they provide their personal information. We also do not advertise through annoying, pop up ads during their experience. We are dedicated to giving them the best exploration experience possible, while allowing you to promote the sites and stories from your destination.

Social Sharing

Encourage visitors and locals to share their adventures through social sharing abilities. Each place, event or tour includes social links that can be shared with one tap!  Create hashtags that will have your sites trending in no time!

In-App Notifications


A great way to reach the thousands of users who explore destinations within Driftscape. Notifications can direct users to your specific content, provide an update, or draw attention to something unique in your area.  The sky's the limit! 



With so many solutions out there, we took the guesswork out for you.  See how we compare!






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