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  • 25 Additional Points on the Map: $75/Month

  • Additional Organization: $99/Month (can only be applied to Premium Plan)

Offer Details:

  • Set-up Fee: $149 set up fee for any Driftscape plan. Set up fee is waived on prepaid contracts of 4 or more months.

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  • Unique Branded Organization: Your content will appear on your own branded layer within the app. With custom map markers and icons created just for you, to match your organization’s brand.  

  • Points on the Map: Places of Interest and Events count as points on the map.  Tours count as 3 points on the map regardless of the number of stops. See Add-on pricing to add additional points on the map to any plan.

  • Admin Users: Admin accounts can be created for your organization with a variety of permission levels, including Organization Manager, Editor and Author.

  • Notifications: Send users a notification when they are near one of your features.

  • External Links: Link to other websites from within the content you publish on Driftscape.

  • Hashtag Feature: Users can enter a hashtag of your choice in the search bar to see only content from your organization.

  • Tours: Create self-guided tours using our easy-to-use tools, or use this feature to enhance guided tours.

  • Audio & Video: Add audio or video to any of your points on the map on Driftscape.  Video must be linked to from YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Advanced Analytics: Get detailed reports showing where your visitors are from (first 3 digits of postal code), when they visited, and how often your content was viewed.

  • Custom Promotional Links: Get a customized download link for your organization - anyone who downloads or launches the app via this link will see just your content.  Further link customization to highlight specific features and more is possible with our Premium Plan.

  • Standard Content Promotion: We will promote your organization or specific content by sending a customizable notification to all Driftscape users.

  • Advanced Content Promotion: We will promote your organization or specific by sending a customizable notification to all Driftscape users. We will also create social media posts featuring your content.

  • Unique Customizable Microregion: Control what users see when they are in your immediate area.  Display more detailed information, and use this feature to create special offers and experiences for your visitors.

  • Feature Views: Above pricing plans are based on a maximum of 4000 feature views per month. Cost for additional feature views is $10/month per 500 feature views.

We are so pleased to be partnering with Driftscape's innovative platform for the 2019 Fringe Festival. In addition to it being a great app, we also both believe in the power of storytelling at the local level.

We hope you enjoy our #StartedAtTheFringe Audio Tour!" 

Lucy Eveleigh

Executive Director 

Toronto Fringe

For a long time; WQW has been searching for a way to share our stories and experiences with the visitors to our neighbourhood. Finally, we found it in the Driftscape app.

WQW is excited to be a part of the Driftscape app! It's a fantastic tool that helps everyone explore Ontario from a local’s perspective. With this unique app and its very cool AR feature, exploring is redefined in an exciting and interactive way. Come explore WQW with the Driftscape app and discover our hidden gems!"


Robert Sysak

Executive Director

West Queen West BIA

Driftscape was the right platform for us to unlock our carefully curated content quickly and to make our city's history easily accessible.

Allison Bain

Executive Director 

Heritage Toronto

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Our mission is to support the work of local arts, culture and heritage organizations, and to boost their message. For select organizations with limited resources, we offer the use of the Driftscape platform for free. For more information, and to apply for this program, Contact Us.