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3 Great Tips to Keep Your Destination “Top-of Mind” During & After COVID

Let’s face it, COVID has impacted the tourism industry HARD! Very few people are travelling, and organizations like yours are looking for ways to stay relevant to local explorers - while getting a competitive edge for when “the new normal” sets in. Keeping this challenge in mind, we’ve come up with 3 “recommended” ideas that can help you connect with your visitors, and stay top of mind!

1. Bring your sites to them

Now more than ever, explorers are sitting at home, looking for things to do and places to explore, preferably nearby. Help your locals rediscover and visitors explore safely, by creating content that they can discover from home or contactless and on-the-go! How?

  • Virtual tours: With the help of self-guided tours, your destination can help address visitors needs for guided experiences, in a contactless way. Backed with features such as, audio, image and video support, this can be an interactive solution that not only helps tell the story of your historic places, highlight interesting sites, and showcase your local businesses, but also allows visitors to explore your destination, no matter where they are!

  • Geo-notifications: Mobile apps can help you keep your visitors engaged through geo-notifications! By prompting them about the various landmarks and attractions that surround them, as they explore, you empower your visitors (and locals) with valuable information - right at their fingertips!

  • In-app notifications: Keep your locals and visitors up to date as situations in your destination evolve through in-app notifications, at no additional cost, unlike print materials - a mobile app advantage!

Scan this QR code with your mobile phone to check out an amazing self-guided tour created by Track Toronto on the Driftscape app. This tour provides explorers with a unique and immersive experience, through music and storytelling, as they explore Kensington Market.

2. Encourage exploration by gamifying it!

With so many destinations marketing themselves, day in and out, it is important to stay one step ahead! Make tourism fun for your visitors by gamifying their experience. Driftscape app’s scavenger hunt feature allows you to create hints and clues that encourage your locals and visitors to play, learn and explore, while highlighting your hidden gems. Scavenger hunts are also a great way to drive footfall to your local businesses by including them as a stop along the hunt!

There are so many ways to create an immersive experience, but one thing is for sure … Driftscape has you covered! Launching in by the end of 2020, Driftscape’s Quest feature is sure to be a hit with locals and visitors alike.

3. Plan for the future

COVID will change how and where people travel for years to come. Making it important for us to re-invent the old ways of tourism. Thinking about what the future will bring will help you to get ahead of your neighbouring destinations. Start by asking yourself, What do our visitors want the most? Research has shown that more than 85% of Canadian travellers have mobile phones, and prefer to get their information on the go.. Brockville, Ontario, took note of this and got on the cutting edge of visitor services. Click here to find out how.

By partnering with organizations whose mission is to highlight your sites, businesses, and cultural landmarks, not only will you be delivering information to visitors and locals in a format they want, but you’ll be saving on print materials and going green while you’re at it!

To learn more about Driftscape contact Marcia Nykamp at



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