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5 Things Explorers Look at Before Traveling

Traveling to a new destination can be exhilarating, but planning the trip can feel a little overwhelming too. Timely and thorough research can help make your trip easier, enjoyable and memorable!

Here are five things explorers look at before traveling.

1. Weather conditions

No one likes being surprised by a snowstorm during their vacation. Checking the weather forecast at the destination you plan to visit is something every explorer should consider doing before they head out.

Luckily, there are many apps out there that can help keep you informed! For example, apps like the weather network and WeatherCAN are great sources for weather forecasts in your city. If you’re looking for more than just the weather, apps like Driftscape can come in handy! The free app not only allows you to check out the weather, but also equips you with many other must-have exploration tools - read on to find out more.

2. Pictures

Who doesn’t like capturing memories? Pictures are almost ALWAYS the first thing explorers look at when deciding on a destination to travel to. This way they have insight into how the food and scenery looks like, and what can be expected when visiting.

One of the main benefits of travel and destination apps is that explorers are able to see photos of different destinations. For example, apps like OpenTable are a great way to see restaurant environments, their food offerings and make table reservations!

3. Location

There are those who like to travel and explore new places, and then there are those who enjoy the comfort of their home and prefer to explore their own backyard or places nearby. Finding the right balance can often feel like a struggle!

Designed to allow explorers to discover sites and stories near and far, apps like Driftscape understand the importance of customization. No two travelers have the same exploration preferences. Driftscape allows its users to filter their view based on their preferred region, interest, and organizations! What’s more, users can also choose to search by keywords. Who knows what you may find!

4. Activities

Choosing the right activities can make or break your trip. Researching things to do is a MUST for every explorer!

There are plenty of platforms out there that can help you find the perfect activities. Have you considered Yelp? This app is a foodie favorite. And then there is Airbnb - a very popular source to discover various accommodations and experiences in different places! But if you need an app that can be your one-stop shop for all travel-related needs, check out Driftscape! From places to see, things to do, where to eat and more - it has all the answers you need, with pictures (did we mention it’s free!).

5. Itinerary

Last, but certainly not the least, the itinerary. Creating & scheduling an itinerary is a necessity to every explorer, but keeping everything organized may be challenging.

Planner apps like Structured are a great way to help stay organized and schedule your day! Alternatively, there are apps like Driftscape that can help make both discovering destinations and organizing your itinerary easy. You can save your favorite sites, events and more, create and add them to your trip plans, edit your trips or add notes, and share your itineraries with your friends - all in one place!

Start exploring!

So there you have it, our top 5 things explorers consider before traveling. We hope this helps you with your trip planning!

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