A Canadian Road Trip!

With most of us at home and international trips on hold, why not make this holiday season a staycation and explore the unknown! Our very own beautiful Canada is a place with an abundance of hidden gems, waiting to be discovered!

That's where Driftscape Gems comes in! This series of self-guided tours, across Canada, showcase some of our country’s unique hidden gems in an interactive and engaging way. All Driftscape Gems tours can be taken from the comfort of your home or on-location, the choice is yours!

Through this blog we bring to you our top 3 tours of the month. Keep reading to Tour. Explore. Discover. Canada!

Tour No. 1: A History of Winnipeg

Did you know that the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is Canada’s oldest dance company? It’s also the longest continuously operating ballet company in North America! Also, the city’s very own Winnipeg Art Gallery has the biggest collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it! Filled with several such fun facts and historic landmarks, Winnipeg is well worth a tour! This 14 stop tour takes you through the city’s highlights ranging from Canadian Museum for Human Rights, St. Boniface Cathedrale, and Forks Historic Port to much more.

Make sure you don’t miss Upper Fort Garry. Did you know that it was the administrative hub for the Hudson’s Bay Company up until 1870? It was seized by Louis Riel during the Red River Rebellion - which played a major role in the establishment of the Manitoba province!