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A new day, a new trivia question: Featuring Historica Canada

Updated: Jan 5

Breakfast was never the same after an event highlighted in Driftscape's latest trivia question featuring Historica Canada! 

“What did Doctor Penfield's patient claim to smell in this memorable Heritage Minutes video that commemorates an important discovery in the treatment of seizures?”

Think you know the answer?

Did you know? Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Montreal neurosurgeon, made outstanding advances in our understanding of the brain. As chief neurosurgeon at McGill University and the nearby Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Dr. Penfield was the founder of the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. 

Dr. Penfield pioneered many techniques in our understanding of the brain's function, particularly in the field of epilepsy. As his work progressed he began to explore indications that patients reported smelling burnt toast just before a seizure. The smell of burnt toast has since become one of the signs associated with the onset of a seizure, and a celebrated moment in Canadian history.

This trivia question was based on the stories shared by Driftscape partner Historica Canada, a non-profit organization that creates programs, films, and podcasts that help you explore, learn, and reflect on our history, and what it means to be Canadian.

About Driftscape Trivia:

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