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Celebrate a Week-Long Halloween Adventure with Driftscape! 

Halloween for a whole week! Doesn't that sound amazing!

We've created a week-long Halloween itinerary for you to enjoy with your friends and family starting October 26th!

26th October: Halloween Blast from the Past at Scarborough Museum

Wear your Halloween costume to Scarborough Museum for a fun-filled day of activities. Try freshly baked devil’s food cake, sample pumpkin spice drink, go on an enchanted scavenger hunt and make 3D pumpkin craft. Don’t miss out on trick or treating at the museum!

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27th October: Halloween Spooktacular at College Park

Presenting the 1st Annual Halloween Spooktacular at College Park. Enjoy an afternoon filled with magic tricks, music, an adventure through a corn maze, pumpkin painting, whacky mirrors and so much more!

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28th October: Ghostly Tales & Creepy Creations at the Colborne Lodge

Drop the kids off in the spooky interiors of Colborne Lodge for a morning of Victorian ghost stories, creepy baking and Halloween decoration while you indulge in a special haunted tour!

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29th October: Haunted High Park at the Colborne Lodge

Go on a candlelit tour of the 19th-century home in mourning while you learn Victorian ideas about death and the afterlife. While you're there dont miss the tours of recent ghost sightings and paranormal activities around the museum.

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30th October: Halloween Pranks at South Street Hospital

It's the day before Halloween! Let's take it easy but make it fun by listening to Reg Quick while he recalls pranks that he and his friends got into along the Thames riverbank.

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31st October: D-Day with Fort York after Dark: Lantern Tours

Spice up your trick-or-treating with a Lantern Tour of Fort York and its historical surroundings. On this tour, you get to hear chilling tales of a haunted lighthouse, the bloody Battle of York, paranormal mysteries that surround Fort York and many other eerie stories!

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1st November: "Just One More Day" with The Pumpkin Parade

Bring your carved pumpkin to Gibson House Museum for one last chance to showcase your creative design. Pumpkins will be lit up and displayed outside throughout the evening so community members can see their neighbor’s Jack-o-Lanterns shine once more and celebrate the end of Halloween together.

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