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Driftscape Launches Free Trial Feature

Toronto, ON | Jan 03, 2019 - Driftscape announced today that the mobile app start-up will be launching its first ever Free Trial subscription for organisations. Registrations for free trial of the Driftscape app are scheduled to roll out on the 5th of January and an option to upgrade will be available to its subscribers at the end of the trial period. Organizations who register for a trial via Driftscape’s website will be able to add content and quickly see it in the user-friendly mobile app in order to preview how they end user will be able engage with it.

Whether a small arts organization, a Business Improvement Area, major cultural attraction, festival or municipality, with the help of the app they will be able to:

• Share Places, Events and Tours

• Reach a Bigger Audience

• Access Analytics About Your Visitors

• Create Special Experiences

"Allowing our potential customers to use Driftscape and see how simple it is to add their content and promote their businesses and services is a very powerful feature in our platform. With a few clicks, organizations can add new content, and see it immediately in the mobile apps for iOS and Android. Already, many BIAs, outdoor attractions, municipalities and festival organizers are exploring Driftscape as an affordable mobile app solution with a common user base interested in learning more about their community", says Dan Pronovost, VP of Engineering and Business Operations at Driftscape.

Register for the free trial here (

About Driftscape

Driftscape is a mobile app that provides a platform for local arts, culture and history organizations to share sitespecific stories. Users can explore what’s around them and see places of interest, events and tours from over 25 partner organizations. Users can select what they’re interested in and get notified when there’s something nearby. With Driftscape you can learn about where you are, on your own schedule, from diverse local experts.

Download Driftscape for free for Apple iOS and Android today (

For more information contact

Pooja Chitnis | Social Media & Marketing Specialist | Driftscape Corp.

Or visit us at:


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