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Driftscape - Your Tool to Innovative Success

With consumers looking for something to do while stuck at home, mobile application use has jumped 20% and is still increasing! Daily downloads are up, active users are at all-time highs and mobile apps are becoming the most popular way to get new information. So how can you turn your app presence into more sales?

Your Driftscape partnership could be just the innovative solution that you were looking for, and here’s why!

Helping you create visitor/customer convenience with less hassle while driving up sales:

Did you know that delivery services are seeing an immense influx in usage? Instacart alone received a 650% increase in use during 2020. But why limit your delivery service visibility to web portals? Leverage your Driftscape presence by publishing your businesses to the app and link their delivery services to it. This way you’ve successfully created convenience for your visitors to access their favourite products/services - driving your sales up!

An opportunity to tap into virtual tourism and become one of the first:

With COVID around, tourism is never going to be the same. Why not be the first to innovate and tap into virtual tourism! Highlight your destinations and stories in the app so that your visitors can explore from the convenience of their homes. This is also a great way to keep building your brand community!

Giving you a cheaper marketing platform:

With restrictions lightening and stores allowed to offer curbside pickup, now is the time to start creating a buzz. But usual marketing platforms are cluttered with several other businesses promoting themselves. And the need for a cost-sensitive and effective platform is now more than evet. Here is where your business has a unique advantage over its competitors with the help of its Driftscape Partnership! Make the most of this by promoting your business, to thousands of active Driftscape users, by creating an interactive and engaging storefront through the app. Sharing a Driftscape user special discount may just help you take this a step further!

A channel to show community support:

Businesses that are seeing the most success are the ones that are showing support to their community. Check out how this BC business is helping its community and seeing great success from it! Take advantage of Driftscape’s increasing user base by promoting your support to the community and watch your customer base grow. One great tip is to create a virtual world for your community by leveraging the app's media features.

If you like the sound of this or simply want to explore more possibilities on how you can make the most of your Driftscape partnership, contact us at Your success is our goal!



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