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Eastman Uses Driftscape App To Drive Tourism

March 21st, 2023 | Canada - Eastman Tourism in Manitoba has partnered with Canada’s leading travel discovery app, Driftscape, to connect visitors to the region's sights, local businesses and events directly through their smartphones!

Manitoba is full of unique places to explore. Congratulations to Eastman Tourism for developing a new and accessible way to welcome and help visitors discover the many things to do in the region. The travel discovery app will connect visitors to exciting attractions and all that eastern Manitoba has to offer.”

The Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan

Eastman comprises the eastern region of Manitoba, an area of more than 20,000 square kms east of Winnipeg, the province's capital, from the US border to the shores of Lake Winnipeg. The region boasts an abundance of natural attractions - lakes, rivers, wildlife, 22 provincial parks and forests - and a rich history. The region's waterways are a mecca for boating, fishing, and aquatic adventures while the land offers countless opportunities for camping, biking, off-roading or discovering the region's bounty at farmer's markets or foraging for wild edibles. An area rich in indigenous and Métis traditions offers ample opportunity to explore history and culture across eastern Manitoba. An array of resorts, lodges and campgrounds is available throughout the region, along with restaurants and unique shopping experiences.

Leveraging Driftscape's digital tourism technology Eastman Tourism aims to create unique and interactive experiences - helping visitors connect with the region's attractions. Through the Driftscape app, visitors can now stay updated with the latest information pertaining to the Manitoba region, see its offerings, plan ahead, find events they are interested in, and uncover amazing local businesses to shop at - all through their smartphone.

Packed with several features such as Augmented Reality Mode, Tour Autoplay, Quests, Trip Itineraries and more, Driftscape has empowered Eastman to equip its locals and visitors with a whole new lens for exploring the town, and its surrounding area starting 2023!

Download the Driftscape app today!

Eastman Tourism would like to thank PrairiesCan, for the opportunity to grow tourism in the Eastman region. This project would not have been possible without this funding.

About Eastman Tourism

Eastman Tourism is a non-profit tourism association focused on growing tourism in eastern Manitoba and celebrating everything about the Eastman Region. Whether you are seeking an all-out adventure or peace and quiet in unspoiled wilderness, we are here to help. Visit to find out more!

About PrairiesCan

PrairiesCan is the Government of Canada’s regional development agency that supports economic growth and diversification in the Prairie provinces and advances the interests of the region in national economic policy, programs, and projects through 4 key roles:

  • Investor: creates jobs and growth through strategic investments and targeted initiatives

  • Convenor: connects economic actors to support collaboration and growth

  • Advisor: informs economic decision-making and advocate for Prairie interests

  • Pathfinder: helps people navigate federal economic programs and services

About Driftscape

Driftscape is a Canadian technology company whose core product is a local discovery and travel app. The Driftscape app provides a platform for municipalities and cultural organizations to share their stories in an interactive and engaging fashion to a growing base of active users. More than 50 organizations use the app to share their stories and over 5000 points of interest, events, and tours across Canada.

The app is a personal guide that helps users explore their surroundings from the point of view of local experts. The app helps users discover places of interest, events, and tours from a growing list of content partners using interactive features like self-guided tours, augmented reality, quests and more. Available on iOS and Android devices, Driftscape is an ad-free platform dedicated to making local culture easier to discover.

For more information contact or visit | Facebook - @DriftscapeApp | Twitter - @DriftscapeApp | Instagram - @driftscapeapp.


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