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Explore Canada in Isolation - Breaking COVID Barriers

With millions of us doing our bit to help control this pandemic by lying low, the question “what can we do to spend time in the next few days, if not weeks?” is on top of everyone's mind!

Now imagine if someone told you that even in self-isolation, you could explore the best of Canada from the comfort of your home. Wouldn’t that make for a perfect adventure! Driftscape, a Toronto based tourism company, is that someone! With the help of “Driftscape App,” you can explore over 5000 unique stories and self-guided tours spread across one of the largest countries in the world, without having to step out.

With the free app, you can uncover facts like the untold history behind Canada’s national anthem! Many of us may know that it was on Parliament Hill on Canada Day in 1980 that “O Canada” was performed as the national anthem for the very first time — an event a century in the making. But few would know that “O Canada'' wasn't originally written to be Canada’s national anthem. Far from it. So how did it become one?

Once you’ve downloaded the Driftscape app from your Play or App Store, it will reveal several such immersive and untold stories from the past and present along with virtual self-guided tours that you can go on from your couch itself! The app is also known to have a way of transporting you in time across Canada with its unique features, images, videos, and so much more!

Start your unique adventure today! To download Driftscape visit your play/app store or click here: * (Available on iOS & Android)

And remember, #StayHome and #StaySafe - We’re in this together :)

*To launch app download click link on a mobile browser



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