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Explore Local Culture and Heritage in Augmented Reality with Driftscape 2.0

TORONTO, ON, May 13, 2019 – On May 14th, Driftscape will launch Version 2.0 with Augmented Reality, enabling users to explore nearby arts, culture and history in a whole new way.

Driftscape is a free mobile app devoted to making local culture easier to discover. It adds a new way to do so with the launch of its Augmented Reality (AR) mode, Driftscape’s most significant new feature since the app launched in November 2017.

Now in addition to viewing content on a map and in a list, users will be able to access the new AR mode through their smartphone cameras, and see markers superimposed over the streetscape. These markers represent places of interest, events and tours from over 30 local organizations including Heritage Toronto , Toronto Public Library, The Distillery District, First Story and many more.

“We’re really excited to be able to put this new tool in users’ hands. Our augmented reality mode will create a portal through which users can discover local culture and we hope it will inspire people to explore their surroundings!"

- Driftscape CEO, Chloe Doesburg

To access the AR mode users just download the most recent version of the Driftscape App from the App Store (available May 14), and enable the app to access the phone’s camera. Users will then be able to see markers in the streetscape around them at the locations of nearby places of interest, events and tours. The AR mode displays markers within 400 meters of the user’s current location (approximately a 5 minute walk), and also shows the distance to each place.

A media preview of the app is available upon request. The AR feature is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone 6S and later). The Driftscape app is available for iOS and Android. Driftscape is a social enterprise ad-free platform that generates revenue through subscriptions from contributing organizations.

More at . Download Driftscape today at:

Find Driftscape on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @DriftscapeApp and by email .


Media Contact:

Chloe Doesburg, Driftscape CEO: , 647 240 2958


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