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First Update — News Feature!

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Our first update is available today with a News feature that will make it easier to find the best and newest stuff on Driftscape!

Since our launch less than a month ago, we’ve added a fantastic new audio tour of Kensington Market, and several new content partners — including the Toronto Library’s Poetry Map which has close to 200 entries, and will enable you to discover poetry wherever you go. Best of all, each of the entries on the Poetry Map includes a link to check that book of poetry out of the library! Gotta love the Toronto Public Library!

Our News feature will make it easy for us to let you know when we’ve added something new that we’re particularly excited about (we hope you’ll be excited too!).

In order to get badge notifications to let you know when there is something new and exicting on Driftscape you’ll need to delete the app before installing the updated version. It’s worth it — that way you won’t miss the best new stuff on Driftscape!



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