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Mobile Apps, a BIA's Best Friend

Mobile apps can prove to be a powerful tool for Business Improvement Associations (BIAs). One they can leverage to promote their local businesses and engage with the community effectively. Here are a few creative approaches to consider:

Engage Visitors and Locals with your Businesses

Interactive Business Directory: A mobile app can help serve as a hub for all local businesses. An easy quick access resource for your community and its visitors to explore all your unique offerings that otherwise get overshadowed by Google’s top 10 business lists. Shared platforms like Driftscape can help get your business in front of thousands of explorers looking for local experiences at a fraction of the cost. The app’s interactive map and 3D experiences can further help gamify your visitor experience making shopping a lot more entertaining. Imagine adding a 3D bunny with a welcome sign outside your stores on Easter!

User Reviews and Ratings: Mobile apps are a great way to remind visitors to leave reviews and ratings at local businesses. Linking each business's Google profile within the app allows users to seamlessly navigate to those pages and leave a shoutout that can enhance a business's reputation.

Loyalty Programs: Apps like Driftscape house interactive features such as Points & Rewards which BIAs can leverage to integrate loyalty programs into the app which reward repeat customers and encourage them to patronize local businesses regularly.

Virtual Tours: Utilize the app to showcase virtual tours of businesses or demonstrations of products/services, giving users a taste of what each business offers. Driftscape’s 360 feature can take this experience to a whole new level, where a visitor can explore your stores from the convenience of their homes!

Keep Visitors and Locals Informed

Events and Promotions: Feature upcoming events, promotions, and special offers from local businesses. By ensuring that explorers are well-informed, their likelihood of engaging in these events and promotions is heightened.

Push Notifications: Send push notifications to app users about important updates, new businesses in the area, ongoing promotions, and upcoming events. This helps maintain engagement and keeps the community informed.

Promotional Support

Collaborative Marketing: Partner with local businesses for joint marketing efforts. For instance, the app can feature cross-promotions, where one business promotes another, fostering a sense of community support.

Social Media Integration: Driftscape empowers its users to share their favorite points of interest on their preferred social channel, expanding the reach of your businesses.

Analytics and Insights: Mobile apps are a great way to learn more about your visitors and their preferences. These insights can guide future strategies and help the BIA create a strong and successful ecosystem for its members.

By creating an engaging and informative experience leveraging a mobile app, BIAs can effectively promote local businesses, enhance community engagement, and contribute to the economic growth of the area.

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