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Modern Day Tourism with Lac Du Bonnet

May 20th, 2021 | Ontario, CA - The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the Canadian tourism sector, which means a long term recovery period. This, coupled with fast changing tourist trends & preferences, as well as new restrictions, have led many Canadian destinations to look for unique solutions. Solutions that will not only help them survive, but thrive in these unprecedented times.

To help achieve this goal, while creating a safe tourism experience for visitors, Lac Du Bonnet CDC took a proactive step towards digitizing their destination in a modern way - with the help of the Driftscape app!

Launching this May 20th, with over 30 unique Lac Du Bonnet sites and local businesses mapped in the app, this partnership will not only equip the town’s visitors with a tool that empowers and enhances exploration but will also help locals plan staycations in their own backyard; while discovering hidden gems that are often missed - all from the convenience of their fingertips!

We are very excited to be working with the Driftscape team to showcase all that Lac du Bonnet has to offer visitors and even locals. COVID has presented many challenges, but time in nature has not been cancelled, and Lac du Bonnet certainly has an abundance of nature just waiting to be explored. We encourage you to check us out on Driftscape, and watch for additions as we continuously add more destinations, tours, events, and games.

Says Cyndie Mitchell, Economic Development Officer.

Serving as a modern method to highlight the destination’s vibrant and growing community that offers year-round indoor and outdoor activities, exciting festivals & cultural events, unique local businesses and more; the app empowers the CDC to create an interactive and engaging experience for diverse age groups with the help of its many features, including but not limited to: Self-guided tours, Augmented reality, offline exploration and quests.

What’s more, with the help of Driftscape, the CDC will now be able to deliver valuable and real-time information to their visitors and locals, notify them about unique local businesses and tourism highlights that surround them when they explore the region, and create the opportunity to couch-surf their destination!

To start exploring Canada’s all weather destination, download the Driftscape app, for free, today!

About Lac Du Bonnet CDC:

The CDC exists to foster social, environmental, and economic development within the community of Lac du Bonnet by diversifying and growing the local economy, creating employment opportunities, increasing tourism, and improving services.

About Driftscape:

Driftscape is a Canadian startup whose core product is a local discovery and travel app. The Driftscape app provides a platform for municipalities and unique cultural organizations to share their stories in an interactive and engaging fashion to a growing base of active users.

For users, the app is a personal guide that helps them explore their surroundings from the point of view of diverse local experts. The app also helps users discover places of interest, events, and tours from a growing list of content partners.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Driftscape is an ad-free platform dedicated to making local culture easier to discover. There are currently over 50 organizations using the app to share their stories and over 5000 points of interest, events, and tours across Canada.

For more contact or visit | Facebook - @DriftscapeApp | Twitter - @DriftscapeApp | Instagram - @driftscapeapp.


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