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Tourism North Bay innovative travel with Driftscape App - a trusted tourism solution

Tourism North Bay has unveiled an exciting relaunch of its travel experience in partnership with the Driftscape app - North America's most trusted tourism solution.

This innovative travel app seamlessly integrates with North Bay's offerings, providing users with a comprehensive guide to local landmarks, events, and hidden gems. Through Driftscape, visitors can immerse themselves in the city's cultural and natural heritage, enhancing their exploration with interactive features and detailed information.

This strategic collaboration underscores Tourism North Bay's, City of North Bay’s Economic Development Department, North Bay Public Library, Discovery Routes, and Creative Industries' commitment to promoting the city's tourism while offering travelers a unique and engaging way to discover its treasures.

With the Driftscape app, tourists can embark on a personalized journey, uncovering the richness of North Bay's attractions with ease and convenience.

North Bay Partners with Driftscape


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