Smart Tourism at its Best with Interlake Tourism Association

Have you ever wondered “where do travellers get their destination information from nowadays?” Most guesses would be Google search/maps, travel blogs, or tourism guides. Others may lean towards more traditional guesses. Visitor centres, or the destination’s official website may come to mind. In 2020, Interlake Tourism Association (ITA) questioned the relevance of these methods. After all, COVID and the new gen Z travellers are creating a change in tourism trends.

New generation travellers expect more than the on-location experiences. They want their entire journey, from the moment they think about it to when they are actually at the destination, to be seamless.

They want customised information delivered to them in a timely and accurate manner. The information needs to be available to them while on the move, (mobile friendly). And now, because of COVID, they are looking for contactless delivery.

Given this and the ever evolving tourism landscape, ITA took a proactive step towards smart tourism - with the help of Driftscape!

"Two heads are better than one. Our partnership with Driftscape means we can continue to grow our network, provide engaging experiences to visitors and maintain ourselves as Manitoba’s Interlake, a tourism destination of choice!

Says Melissa Van Soelen, Manager, Interlake Tourism Association.

A report by CrowdRiff states that 85% of travellers use mobile devices to plan their trips. With this shift, towards smart tourism, ITA is now able to appeal to that 85% - without having to build or maintain an app and at fraction of the cost!

Driftscape also allows ITA to:

  • Create self-guided tours across their region:

  • Using audio, video and images, ITA is able to give their visitors a completely guided experience without the need for a personal guide

  • While also helping ITA create a COVID safe experience!