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Top 3 Secrets of Toronto You Would Love to Know!

Welcome to Driftscape's monthly list of "Top 3 Secrets of Toronto You Would Love to Know!"

Making it to our July list is:

80 bpNichol Lane

Hidden within the University of Toronto downtown campus, lies bpNichol Lane. Embedded in the concrete of this otherwise nondescript laneway is an eight-line, capitalized, gold-lettered poem that draws attention to the location’s history. Find out more here*

Guild Inn Sculpture Garden

Standing atop the Scarborough Bluffs are stone archways, elegantly carved reliefs, sculpted figures and faces peering out from between the leaves, an easy way to imagine the scattered remains of ancient Greece or Rome. Not only that but the Guild Inn was once seen as an opportunity to preserve Toronto’s threatened architectural legacy! Click here* to discover the fascinating history of the old Guild Inn. 

David Dunlap Observatory

Jessie Dunlap, in honour of her late husband, David Dunlap, constructed this observatory housing the second-largest astronomical telescope in the world. You won't discover a black hole, but you will see stars - and much more. Click here* to find out how!

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