Your Digital Visitors Guide

Transform your visitors guide
into an interactive digital app
that showcases your places of interest and events

Why start with Driftscape today:


  • One single app: get more users, tourists and visitors to your region from a single app that has broader appeal, and is used my many communities.

  • Low cost: target all mobile app users at a fraction of the cost of building your own app.

  • Tell your stories: Driftscape is built for showcasing community events, places and tours in a fun and engaging way. Add rich content, video and audio, link to external web sites and services, and create local tours.

  • Does more than a web site: app users get notified when they are near your POIs, and get notifications of upcoming events and activities.

What you get with the Driftscape Digital Visitors Guide

50 or more Points of Interest on the map

Your own organization displayed prominently in Driftscape

Video and audio to compliment your content

Visitors are notified when they are near your POIs

Advanced analytics: where your visitors come from and more

We will import your data for you, from your guide and web site

Edit and update your content in our easy to use CMS

Affordable: why build your own app for 100x the cost? 

Join dozens of municipalities, destination marketers, and communities just like yours already on the Driftscape platform:

Still have questions?

Can we import our content/POIs to Driftscape automatically?

Yes. We have a CSV and JSON file format that you can use to import all feature content into our CMS, including images, video, audio, and rich formatted text. You can even re-import your content to Driftscape again in the future, to avoid duplication of your content in our CMS. Make changes to your own database of content, and we can re-import the features from the file you provide us.

I don't have time/resources/money to enter my content into Driftscape! Can you help me?

No problem! Part of our this package includes free content creation for up to 50 POIs by our CMS team from your existing Visitor's Guide and web site. If you have extra content in other forms, such as feature descriptions and images, just send it along and our content team will take care of the rest. Once we create your organization and content, you will be able to login and edit it yourself to add new events and make changes, so you can showcase your community and attract more visitors.

How is this different from our existing web site?

A web site is no where near as powerful as a mobile app, even if your landing pages are mobile-responsive. Can your web site notify users when they are near POIs in your community? Can it send push notifications about upcoming events, even when the web site/app is not in the foreground? Can the behavoir of your web page change when the user enters your region, showcasing select content? Driftscape is a native app for Android and iOS, developed to leverage the unique features of mobile devices not available in browsers or web apps. Let your visitors discover and experience your community's attractions, culture, arts, history, businesses and events in a new way that engages them interactively.

Why is Driftscape better than creating our own custom app?

Creating an app is very expensive: we are experts in app design, and have created the perfect mobile product for all tourist destinations and marketers. Spend a fraction of the money and time and get the most powerful tourism mobile app platform for your community, without the risk!

Why is better that Driftscape is a single app combining regional content?

Driftscape appeals to all tourists and curious locals. The more communities and organizations that come together in Driftscape, the more appeal to users, and the more visitors you will reach. By itself, your community will struggle to reach the most users in a custom white labelled app containing only your regional content. Instead, Driftscape focuses on bringing communities together in a single product to provide the greatest value and interest to our users and your visitors.

OK, I'm sold! How much does it cost?

Talk to our sales team today to get a free quote: (866) 491-5937. Or, contact us here.

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