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Automated Business Listings

Promoting your local businesses should be simple. And now it is!

Our Automated Business Listings take the work out of keeping your local businesses up to date on your website and in the Driftscape app!

Promote your local businesses with Driftscape's automated business listing solution

Simply provide us with a list of the businesses you want to promote, and our automated system builds complete Points of Interest in Driftscape from public content available online! Our one of a kind Automated Business Listing process brings together information about each business from a variety of internet sources, showcasing  relevant images, hours of operation, descriptions and even website links. 


With Driftscape’s proprietary process, your business listings update monthly to ensure that your visitors have access to the latest information!

You can also specify a category for each business, such as accommodation or food. We’ll automatically generate matching icons so people can find what they’re looking for easily.

Keep your business directory up to date and promote local businesses with Driftscape's automated local business solution
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