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Apps for Outdoor Attractions

Transform your visitors' experience with digital storytelling. Engage them with immersive tales and gamified exploration. 


  • Create 3D augmented reality scavenger hunts, trivia games, and contests to engage your explorers

  • Leverage audio and video tours to tell your stories throughout your sites

  • Keep visitors informed about upcoming events or shows

  • Enable adventure seekers to explore offline!​


Reduce your costs, create a sustainable tourism solution, and give your visitors fun and unique ways to Tour. Explore. Discover. your park.

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Heritage Park Logo

With such a large footprint, sometimes it can be hard for Heritage Park’s guests to see everything they want to see. The Driftscape app will be beneficial in helping our guests to move more easily around the park, and learn about history in a new way through modern technology.

Jeff Hodgson
Senior Director of Guest Services at Heritage Park.

Most Popular Features For Outdoor Attractions

3D Experiences

Empower your visitors with an outdoor app that can add a new dimension to their next adventure! Add interactive objects throughout the park to encourage a new form of discovery. Click here for more information.

 Enable visitors to explore alternate and past worlds - they’ll discover 3D artifacts when they get close to key locations.

Scavenger Hunts

Invite your visitors to uncover clues with Driftscape’s augmented reality hunt! Transform their visit into a fun-filled treasure hunt. Add an exciting new lens of discovery with our tool for visitors that creates a gamified experience fun for all ages. Click here for more information.

Gamify visitor exploration with Dritscape AR Quests

Self-Guided Tours

Upgrade your paper guide and encourage exploration with Driftscape self-guided tours. Tell your stories with our one-of-a-kind digital storytelling tool and create a hands-free experience for visitors. Tour-Autoplay auto advances audio tracks as your visitor nears the next tour stop.

Guide your visitors across key sites with Driftscape Self-Guided Tours

Points & Rewards

Your visitors will explore and engage even more with Points and Rewards. Enable your visitors to collect points at the locations you’d most like them to visit, and redeem them for rewards that will make their visit extra memorable! Click here for more information.

Points & Rewards.gif

Add Media

Leverage unlimited audio, video, and image galleries to aid in the digital storytelling behind your historic exhibits and more.

Create a rich storytelling experience with Driftscape media support

Get Directions

Help visitors navigate your park with North America’s most trusted digital visitor guide. Our “Get Directions” feature gives you turn-by-turn navigation to their next stop!

Help visitors find you with Driftscape get direction feature

Driftscape 360 Images and Tours

Enhance your visitor experience by creating 360 virtual tours. A great way to encourage users from around the world to visit you onsite! Or to enable them to explore historic buildings no longer open to the public. 


Other Features That May Be Of Interest

A new lens to tourism - Driftscape Augmente Reality mode

Augmented Reality

A unique view that creates visitor engagement. This immersive experience will shape  unforgettable memories for your visitors through the lens of their camera

Curious about our pricing? We can fit any budget.

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