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Outdoor Attractions
Help visitors navigate while creating unique and interactive experiences to maximize their visit!

 Upgrade your visitor guide with a tool that helps you create engaging and enjoyable experiences for visitors of all ages.

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3D Experiences

Immerse visitors in your stories with 3D Experiences that bring your visitors to a whole new dimension!

Scavenger Hunts

Get creative with gamified augmented reality exploration through Driftscape!

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Self-Guided Tours

Upgrade your visitor guide and encourage self-guided exploration with Driftscape tours. Create a hands-free experience for visitors on-site as they utilize our Tour-Autoplay feature which auto advances as they near the next tour stop. Perfect for audio tours!

Add Media

Leverage audio, video or image galleries to aid in the telling of the stories and history of your site.

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Get Directions

Help visitors to navigate your park with our “Get Directions” feature which gives them turn by turn navigation to their desired next stop!

Other Features That May Be Of Interest


Augmented Reality

Encourage visitors to explore through the lens of their camera making their visit immersive and memorable!

What Partners Are Saying

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With such a large footprint, sometimes it can be hard for Heritage Park’s guests to see everything they want to see. The Driftscape app will be beneficial in helping our guests to move more easily around the park, and learn about history in a new way through modern technology.

Jeff Hodgson
Senior Director of Guest Services at Heritage Park.

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