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Apps for Museums

Create an interactive guide for visitors to learn about your collections and exhibits. 


  • Go beyond static plaques. Leverage QR codes and digital storytelling to help visitors learn more.

  • Present thematic content for different audiences (children, history buffs, etc)

  • Immerse your visitors'  in your stories with audio tours, videos, and 360 virtual tours 

  • Create interactive exhibit guides easily without website updates or print costs.


Enhance your museum visitors' experience using a trusted, ready-made platform. No custom app creation required! 

How Driftscape Helps Museums

Most Popular Features For Museums

Driftscape 360 Images and Tours

Enhance your visitor experience by creating 360 virtual tours of your museum and its exhibits! 360 virtual tours are a great way to encourage users from around the world to visit you onsite - or donate to your museum!



Enhance your museum experience with QR technology. Share added stories and information while keeping your artifacts safe by placing QR codes at each exhibit or collection. Using familiar technology, visitors scan to learn more.

Showcase the content you want to with Driftscape QR codes and deep links

3D Experiences

Imagine being able to recreate a monumental scene from your country’s history or giving your visitors the ability to interact with priceless artifacts. With Driftscape 3D, you can bring the past back to life while giving your museum visitors a once-in-a-lifetime immersive digital storytelling experience! Click here for more information.

Driftscape 3D

Add Media

Leverage unlimited audio, video, and image galleries to aid in the digital storytelling behind your historic exhibits and more.

Create rich visual storytelling experiences with Driftscape's media support

Hunts, Trivia and Contests

​Get creative with gamified exploration through Driftscape! Design interactive experiences and digital storytelling giving your museum visitors their very own adventure as they explore your exhibits!

Gamify visitor experiences with Driftscape Trivia, hunts and more!

Advanced Analytics

Learn more about your museum visitors! Driftscape will track and report information about your visitors without impacting their privacy. Learn what exhibits they liked the most, where they’re visiting from, how long they stay, and more. Click here for more information.

Learn more about your visitors with Driftscape advanced analytics

More Features

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Hidden Content

Add a new revenue channel: Give museum visitors exclusive access to content that’s only available within your museum.

Curious about our pricing? We can fit any budget.

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