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Create an interactive guide for visitors to learn about your collections. 


  • Stop relying on static plaques. Declutter your exhibit space and leverage QR codes to help visitors learn more.

  • Design thematic content for different audiences (children, history buffs, etc)

  • Immerse your guests in the stories by adding audio tracks, video, or 360 virtual tours 


Enhance your visitors' experience using a trusted,  ready-made platform. No custom app creation required!  

What  Museums Are Saying


As the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, digital discovery is important because it allows people from all over the globe, who may not be able to visit us in person, to interact with our site. Driftscape stood out to us because of their user-friendly platform, ability to create interactive experiences for visitors, and outstanding customer service. They helped us solve a recurring problem that was especially prevalent during the pandemic - reaching a larger audience. Driftscape helped us achieve this goal by teaching our team how to make a tour of our site that can be accessed by anyone on the app, regardless of where they are located. This, combined with the ability to filter what you are looking for on the map has made it easy for more people to discover us. We are very happy to be working with Driftscape. They have supported our vision, listened to our feedback, and their customer support has exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Driftscape to anyone looking to expand their audience with a team they can trust!

Mariah Kaak
Assistant Curator, Buxton National Historic Site and Museum

Most Popular Features For Museums


Augment your visitors' learning experience by taking advantage of QR technology. Create immersive experiences for visitors by displaying QR codes at each exhibit or collection. Using familiar technology, users scan to learn more!

Showcase the content you want to with Driftscape QR codes and deep links

Add Media

Leverage audio, video or image galleries to aid in the telling of the stories or history behind your exhibits.

Create rich visual storytelling experiences with Driftscape's media support

Hunts, Trivia and Contests

Get creative with gamified exploration through Driftscape! Design interactive experiences that give your visitors their very own adventure as they explore your exhibits! 

Gamify visitor experiences with Driftscape Trivia, hunts and more!

Advanced Analytics

Learn more about your visitors! Driftscape will track and report information about your visitors without impacting their privacy. Learn where they’re visiting from, which sites they visit, which sites are the most popular, how long they stay, and more. Click here for more information.

Learn more about your visitors with Driftscape advanced analytics

Other Features That May Be Of Interest

Guide your visitors across key sites with Driftscape Self-GuidedTours

Self-Guided Tours

Upgrade your visitor guide and encourage self-guided exploration with Driftscape tours. 

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