Media Kit

Driftscape is a mobile app that provides a platform for local organizations to share site-specific stories. Users can explore what’s around them and see places of interest, events and tours from a growing list of content partners - currently more than 30 in Toronto alone.


We believe that creating a platform where diverse stories can be shared will create a greater understanding of the places we live and the people we share them with.

With Driftscape you can learn about where you are, on your own schedule from diverse local experts.

The app is available now on the iOS and Android platforms.


Screenshots and Promotional Images:


Printed Promotional Materials:

Rack Card (PDF Version)

RACK CARD (FRONT)-raster.jpg
RACK CARD (BACK)-raster.jpg

Promo Card (PDF Version)

PROMO CARD (FRONT)-raster.jpg
PROMO CARD (BACK)-raster.jpg

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