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Even More…

Driftscape offers flexible, customizable solutions for Tour Companies, Large and Multi-site Outdoor Events, Cultural and Historical Organizations and much more.


Think Driftscape might be the right solution for you?

What Our Partners Are Saying

Toronto Fringe Logo

"One of the great things about Driftscape is the “stumble upon factor, that someone can be exploring a neighbourhood and find on the app that the festival is going on and want to learn more."

Toronto Fringe Festival, Communications Manager

Claire Wynveen

Popular Features

Real Time Updates

Let your visitors know about changes in real time through instant updates. Is there a last minute change to the venue? Did bad weather cause your event to be canceled? No problem! Update your information and users will see the update immediately!

Share real time updates with your visitors with Driftscape's instant update capability

Unique Onsite Content

Create a geofenced area around your event or destination. When users enter the geofence, they will receive a notification and see new points on the map that weren’t there before!  Perfect for showcasing site specific information like vendors, parking, or even public facilities!

Showcase site specific information with Driftscape micro-regions

Add Media

Leverage audio tracks, video, image galleries and 360 virtual tours to share stories and information in an immersive way.

Create a rich storytelling experience with Driftscape media support


Augment your visitors' experience by taking advantage of QR technology. Display QR codes anywhere you promote your sites so your visitors can scan to learn more!

Direct visitors to specific content mapped in the app with Driftscape QR code and deep links

Get Directions

Help your visitors to navigate to their desired destination. Every point on the map includes a “Get Directions” button that provides them turn by turn directions to their desired next stop!

Guide vistors to your sites with Driftscape Get Directions support

Other Features That May Be Of Interest

Guide your visitors across key sites with Driftscape's self-gudied tour feature

Self-Guided Tours

Give your visitors the gift of self-guided exploration! Walking, biking and driving tours are fully supported within Driftsape. Users can take advantage of a hands free experience by utilizing the “Tour Autoplay” feature available within every tour!

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