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Interactive Exploration

Interactive Exploration

Self-Guided Tours 

Suggested itineraries and self-guided tours are the perfect way to get visitors exploring, any time of day! Create multimedia enhanced tours, with autoplay mode for hands-free exploration by foot, car or bike! 

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Points and Rewards

Drive foot traffic and build awareness by assigning collectible points to your sites. Use rewards to incentivize exploration. Learn More.


Scavenger Hunts (Quests)

Ditch paper and web-based hunts in favor of  an interactive scavenger hunt, enhanced with AR. Fill your hunt with fun features, complete with hints to let users know when they’re on the right track. Learn More


Contests and Trivia

Entertain your visitors with interactive challenges! Unlock content only when participants answer a question correctly.


3D Experiences

Unlock a virtual world for your visitors to explore! Introduce them to historical figures at the museum, imaginary beasts, or long-lost buildings and historical sites! Driftscape 3D Experiences will take your visitor experience to a new dimension!

Learn More



Create in-app coupons to encourage shop-local initiatives. One-tap redemptions and seamless vendor integration make coupons easy for you and your visitors. Plus, gain valuable insights with our full reporting. 


Augmented Reality (AR)

Point and Discover! Explorers can find nearby sites through the lens of their camera, making their trip immersive and memorable.   

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Build Awareness

Build Awarenss

Smart Notifications

Don’t let your visitors miss out on hidden gems! Location-aware notifications tell your visitors when they are near an exploration-worthy site. Use news notifications to promote your sites and events to thousands of Driftscape users. 


Opt-in Push Notifications

Deliver real-time updates to your visitors by text message, email or in app notification, for those who opt-in. Learn More.


Custom Tags

Help visitors discover more through the use of custom tags.  Direct them to themed content with one click! Users can easily find the content you want them to see, and you can use hashtags to integrate with your social media campaigns. 


Deep Links

With one click, or scan of a QR code, take your visitors directly to the content you want them to see. Deep Links work seamlessly regardless of the user's device and whether or not they have already installed Driftscape.  


Social Media Sharing

Encourage visitors and locals to share their adventures or favorite points of interest on social media or even email it to a friend with a simple tap!


Custom Branding

Brand your in-app presence! Create instant recognition for explorers by customizing your map markers and icons. Further categorize your content with customizable map layers.


Custom Menu

Help visitors navigate with your fully branded tree-based menu that uses your desired endpoints.

Your Content Your Way

Your Content Your Way


Do more than a printed guide ever could by creating content  complete with live streams, audio, video, unlimited images and more.


Onsite-only Content

Want to display certain content only to people who are on-location? This feature uses geo-fencing to do just that. Provide details about amenities to event-goers, encourage foot traffic with special promotions, or send a special welcome message to anyone who visits your area! 



Share your sites and stories in both English and French! Simply map your Points of Interest (POIs) in English, and let  Driftscape's auto-translate feature swiftly generate a captivating French version for you in seconds. Unlock the potential to engage with a wider audience and effortlessly immerse them in your stories!


Driftscape for Web

Embed our interactive map directly onto your website with your content and your branding. Empowers your visitors to explore and take virtual tours on Android, iOS or the web! Learn More


Secure and Hidden Content

Want to share your stories with a select audience only? Require a password or link that only you can share to access content. Perfect for museums who want to share tours only with paying visitors.


360 Images and Tours

Make your stories come to life with Driftscape 360! Embed interactive features in your 360 virtual tour right inside Driftscape.

Learn More


Tools For Visitors

Tools For Visitors


Visitors can filter what they see based on their preferences. They’ll be notified about what they’re most interested in!


Get Directions

Make sure they make it there! Every point of interest in Driftscape features a “get directions” button that will guide your visitors using the mapping app of their choice.


Offline Mode

Perfect for destinations with limited  cell service. Download the content for the area you’ll be visiting before you go, and explore without worry!


Trip Planning

Visitors can save favorites and build their own trip plans that are easy to share with family and friends!


Weather Widget

Add Driftscape Weather Widget to your points of interest and keep visitors informed about local weather conditions on-the-go.


Multilingual Interface

Driftscape supports multiple languages, so you can reach even more visitors. 

The Driftscape Drifference

The Driftscape Difference


Shared Platform and Branded Apps

Driftscape’s shared platform enables partners to reach a broader audience, and gain visibility. 

Learn More about the benefits.


If having a branded app just for your destination is critical for your brand goals, we have an affordable solution for you, and you can still get the benefits of our shared platform!

Learn More


Customer Success

Our personalized hands-on approach is second-to-none. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say. We’ll ensure you get the most out of Driftscape and guide you every step of the way.


Content Creation

Need help with content writing, audio tour production or just content upload? We’re here to help.


Ad Free Platform

Give your visitors the best user experience on our ad free platform. Users can choose to see only what they are interested in, and they aren’t asked to provide any personal information.


Automated Business Listings

Add your local businesses to your website and our mobile app with zero hassle.


Our fully automated process creates complete Points of Interest featuring the business name, hours of operations, photos, description, website and more! Updates are automatic too! Learn More


Advanced Analytics

Gain insights to inform your tourism development initiatives and assist with funding applications! Learn where your visitors are coming from, the sites they visit, how long they stay and more.

Learn More


Real-time Content Updates

Update your content and see your changes live in the app and your website immediately.


Marketing Support

Our marketing team is here to help you develop content that will pique your visitor’s interests and guide your promotional initiatives! From creating a launch plan, to supporting your post launch promotional collateral needs, our team will help you get the most out of Driftscape.


With so many solutions out there, we took the guesswork out for you. See how we compare!

Driftscape Comparison Chart - 2024
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We Engage Your Users

User engagement

When you have your own app, you’re in charge of making sure visitors know about it and stay engaged. With Driftscape, you’re not just a customer; you’re a Partner! We work to keep Driftscape users coming back for more!



Leveraging Push Notifications, our exclusive trivia channel challenges users with a new question every week, featuring content from you and other partners. Keeping them hooked and coming back to explore more!


Curious about our pricing?

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