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Leveraging Driftscape for Tourism Growth

Bruce County's Innovative Rewards Program

In today's competitive tourism landscape, destinations must continuously innovate to attract and retain visitors. Rising to this challenge, Bruce County—a picturesque and popular region in Ontario, Canada, has partnered with Driftscape, North America's most trusted tourism solution, to launch an exciting new rewards program.

The Challenge

High Print Cost

Paper-Based Rewards Program

Low Reach

Bruce County’s paper-based “Adventure Passport” rewards program was posing a significant challenge. Visitors found collecting and redeeming rewards cumbersome, leading to decreased participation. For the county, tracking engagement and measuring success was inefficient and labor-intensive. Additionally, high printing costs strained the budget.

Compounding these issues, Bruce County's attractions are spread across a vast area, making it difficult to guide visitors efficiently to various attractions, local businesses, and points of interest.

The Solution

Go Digital

Interactive Map

Visitor Analytics

Driftscape offered Bruce an opportunity to overcome all their tourism challenges with a single and trusted solution. 

The mobile app and interactive map’s comprehensive point and rewards feature successfully replaced Bruce County's traditional paper-based system. This empowered Bruce County to enhance the overall visitor experience and promote local businesses.


Driftscape’s extensive visitor engagement features and compelling location-based storytelling are transforming Bruce County’s tourism strategy. By effectively directing tourists to lesser-visited parts of the region, Driftscape is significantly boosting overall tourism efforts and solidifying Bruce County’s status as the top destination in Ontario.

Key Benefits

Easy Implementation.png

Easy Implementation

Driftscape’s easy-to-use content management and points & rewards system ensured a seamless implementation process for the Bruce County Reward program (a 3-step process!)

Visitor Analytics.png

Visitor Analytics

The digital points and rewards program includes user analytics that help the County better understand user interaction with their content - empowering them to make informed tourism marketing decisions.

Instant Update.png

Print Cost & Updates

Bruce County can now instantly update its reward program through Driftscape’s Content Management System, bringing down its print cost and going green!

Customer Support.png

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Driftscape offers quality customer support to every partner. The team provides essential resources, including templates, informational presentations, and more, to enable its partners to achieve the success they desire.

The Success Story

Increased Visitor Engagement

Visitors spend more time exploring different parts of the county, driven by the incentive to earn points and rewards.

Economic Impact

Local businesses are exposed to increased opportunities for more foot traffic as visitors seek to earn rewards by visiting participating establishments.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Tourists enjoy a richer, more interactive experience, with access to location-based notifications and multimedia content that brings the County’s attractions to life.

Valuable Insights

The data collected through the Driftscape app gives Bruce County detailed insights into visitor behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling more informed decision-making for future tourism initiatives.

"Driftscape Corp's team has been incredibly adaptable and responsive in meeting the needs to create a unique app for our visitors. An invaluable partner in the creation of the Explore the Bruce Rewards Program, they listened to our feedback and adjusted their system to accommodate our specific requirements. The team at Driftscape Corp. has provided excellent customer service, demonstrating their dedication to delivering a valuable final product for their clients."

Bruce County Economic Development Team



Building on the success of the current rewards program, Bruce County plans to expand the initiative by:

  • Introducing New Rewards: Partnering with more local businesses to offer a wider variety of rewards.

  • Enhanced Content: Continuously updating and adding new multimedia content to keep the experience fresh and engaging.


By continually evolving and improving the rewards program, Bruce County aims to maintain its position as a leading tourist destination while fostering a vibrant, sustainable local economy.

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