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Empower your visitors with a sustainable tourism tool and enable offline exploration

"I highly recommend Driftscape; its versatility and customer support have been instrumental in realizing our destination’s digital tourism goals."

Victoria from Visit Sitka Shares Their Driftscape Success Story!

Increase engagement with sites, businesses and operators

Trivia GIF compressed.gif

Gamify exploration with trivia

Rewards GIF Final (1).gif

Incentivize through collectible points and rewards


Encourage participation through contests

Digital storytelling for destinations with stories to share

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Build self-guided tours

Driftscape Media GIF

Add unlimited media: audio, video, images, and 360 virtual tours.

butterfly - 3d.png

Create an immersive 3D world

AR Alaska.png

Design augmented reality scavenger hunts

Increase awareness of your hidden gems


Empower your visitors to stumble upon hidden gems through smart notifications


Promote your destination through in app notifications

Push Notifications 2.gif

Keep visitors informed through push notifications

Save Money. Go Digital.

Reduce Print: Go Mobile!


No Web Redirects: Encourage virtual exploration with interactive maps

No Waiting: Instant Updates


Get on the map today!

We’re expanding throughout Alaska! As part of this initiative, we’re offering 20% off for a limited time.

Explore Visit Sitka

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