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A Winter adventure with Driftscape

Want to go on a cool adventure with your friends and family this winter? We've got it all figured out for you.

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Aurora Winter Festival

Just in time for the festive season, the CNE is transforming the Ontario Place West Island into a spectacular celebration of light and adventure from this November to January. This magical winter wonderland features four distinct mystical worlds for guests to explore, as well as enchanting characters, stunning light installations, fabulous food experiences, marketplaces, amusement rides and more.

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The Winter Beaver

Anna Jameson was lulled to sleep by the jingle of sleigh bells and the rocking of her sled as she was pulled through the slumbering pine forests north of the city. The woods around her danced; snows flickering with colour, shadows leaping from between the majestic bark columns that lined the wintry road. She thought she caught a glimpse of a beaver through the trees. His flat black tail was laid out behind him; his great yellow teeth tore through the trunk of an enormous white pine. But as her sled drew nearer, she saw that he was no beast at all!

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'Tis Winter Now

A memorable evening of joyous carols and tales, both heartfelt and light-hearted, narrated by Stratford and Shaw Festival’s Benedict Campbell, will add festive spirit to the coldest of winter nights in our land of snow, skates, and sleighs. An Orpheus holiday favourite not to be missed!

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