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Transforming Visitor Experiences

How Visit Sitka Thrives with Driftscape

In the age of digital transformation, traditional methods of promoting tourism face challenges in engaging modern travelers, not to mention often involving a high cost. Visit Sitka, a prominent destination marketing organization, faced a challenge in enhancing visitor experiences due to limitations such as high print cost and low data coverage due to its remote location.


However, through a strategic partnership with Driftscape, a leading tourism solution that has revolutionized how visitors experience destinations, Visit Sitka overcame these limitations and revolutionized its approach to tourism promotion.

The Challenge

High Print Cost

Limited Connectivity

"What's there to do here?"

Visit Sitka, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and natural wonders. Despite its allure, the organization encountered challenges in effectively showcasing the city's attractions.


The costs associated with traditional print materials and offline exploration methods struggled to capture the dynamic essence of Sitka, leaving visitors uninformed and unable to digitally plan their trip.

The Solution

Interactive Map

Instant Updates

Trip Planning

Offline Mode

Recognizing the need for innovation, Visit Sitka forged a strategic partnership with Driftscape, leveraging the platform's cutting-edge mobile app and interactive web map to reimagine the visitor experience.

Driftscape offers Visit Sitka a dynamic tourism solution that seamlessly integrates immersive content, interactive maps, trip planning capabilities, and real-time updates, empowering travelers to explore Sitka like never before.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Exploration.png

Enhanced Accessibility

Driftscape's mobile app provides visitors instant access to comprehensive information about Sitka's operators, attractions, events, and cultural landmarks, eliminating barriers to exploration and fostering a deeper connection with the destination.


Offline Exploration

Unhindered by data connectivity constraints, Driftscape's offline mode empowers Visit Sitka to equip locals and visitors with a rich database of tourism information at their fingertips.

Instant Update.png

Print Cost &  Updates

Visit Sitka can now instantly update its information through Driftscape’s Content Management System, bringing down its print cost and going green!

Interactive exploration.png

Interactive Exploration

Through interactive maps and curated content, travelers can personalize their itineraries based on their interests and preferences, ensuring a tailored and enriching experience that caters to diverse tastes.

Community engagement.png

Community Engagement

Driftscape facilitates community engagement by showcasing local businesses, artisans, and cultural initiatives. This amplifies the city's unique identity and fosters a sense of pride among residents and visitors alike.

The Success Story

The partnership between Visit Sitka and Driftscape yielded tangible results, including:

  • A significant increase in visitor engagement and satisfaction, as evidenced by positive feedback and reviews.

  • Enhanced visibility and exposure for Sitka's operators, attractions, and local businesses, driving economic growth and sustainability.

  • Improved data analytics and insights enable Visit Sitka to refine its marketing strategies and target key demographics effectively.

"I highly recommend Driftscape; its versatility and customer support have been instrumental in realizing our destination’s digital tourism goals."

Victoria from Visit Sitka Shares Their Driftscape Success Story!



Through its collaboration with Driftscape, Visit Sitka has overcome traditional limitations in tourism promotion and embraced a future-driven approach to visitor experiences. By harnessing the power of technology, Visit Sitka can now empower travelers to embark on transformative journeys of discovery, fostering deeper connections with the destination and ensuring its enduring appeal for generations to come.

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