How do I install Driftscape on my device?

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download it here. If you have an Android device you can download it here.

How do I uninstall Driftscape from my device?

For most iOS devices, tap and press on the Driftscape icon until an 'x' flashes in the top left. Tap the 'x' and confirm to delete Driftscape. Tap the home button to return. For Android and some older phones, the process may differ a bit: check with your device manufacturer’s instructions.”

Is Driftscape really free?

Yes, the Driftscape app is always free for users. It is a community platform to showcase the amazing and unique content from our many content partners. So, please continue to enjoy using Driftscape with the comfort of knowing that our goal is to provide the wonderful content we have collected for you, for free!

I don't want to get notifications outside of Driftscape any more. How do I stop that?

Tap on the gear icon in the top left, and turn off Discovery Mode.

I am not getting notifications outside of the Driftscape app any more. How can I turn them on?

  • Normally, when you first install and run Driftscape, you are prompted to accept location services and notifications for the app. If you did not enable this, or turned off these features from within your phone’s settings, then you will not receive notifications.
  • First, ensure Discovery Mode is enabled in the Settings dialog in Driftscape (gear icon in the top left.)
  • Next for iPhone users: return to the home screen, and open the Settings app. Select Notifications, Select Driftscape and ensure all notifications are enabled. Now return to the main Settings screen select Privacy > Location Services. Ensure Location Services in enabled, then scroll down to find Driftscape in the list of apps, and ensure Location Access is set to Always.
  • Next for Android users: return to the home screen, and open the Settings app. Select Notifications, Select Driftscape and ensure all notifications are enabled. Now return to the main Settings screen select Apps > Driftscape. Under Permissions, ensure Location is enabled.

Can I continue to browse Driftscape while listening to an audio feature?

  • Yes, you are free to leave the page associated with the audio and explore the Driftscape app. When audio is playing, a play/pause button is displayed at the bottom of your screen, so you can control the audio. Audio will continue playing in the background when your phone is asleep.
  • If you wish to return to the page associated with the audio that is playing tap and hold the play or pause button to return to that page.
  • If you navigate to another page that also has audio, the current audio will stop playing.

How can I learn more about the organizations in Driftscape?

  • When viewing an organization’s place, event or tour, tap on the organization icon in the top right. Information about that organization is displayed.
  • In addition, in the layers menu in the lower right corner of your screen, you can tap on any organization icon to get more information.

How can I choose to see only what I’m interested in?

  • Tap on the layers icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • You’ll see a list of categories you can turn off and on. You can expand the category by pressing on the arrow next to it, to see a list of organizations in that category. You can also turn on and off individual organizations within a category. Organizations can belong to more than one category.

How can I choose to see content from only one organization?

  • Tap on the layers icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to display the layers menu.
  • Tap the ‘Clear all’ button at the bottom of the layers menu.
  • Click the arrow next to the last category ‘All organizations’.
  • Tap to select the organization you’re interested in from the ‘All organizations’ list.

What is the difference between the map and list view?

  • In Driftscape, you can switch between the map and list views at any time: they are different views of the same data. Tap on the two icons in the lower left corner of your screen to switch between them.
  • Both views show you all of the content that matches your current selections from the layers menu (bottom right menu), as well as any active search criteria (entered in the search bar at the top).

How do I search for things in Driftscape?

  • Tap on the Search icon in the upper right corner of your screen to open the search bar.
  • Enter any words (or prefixes of words) and only content entries with those words in their content and/or titles will appear.
  • Note that the search remains active until you cancel the search by tapping on the ‘X’ inside the search bar.

I was using Driftscape, and now there is nothing showing up in map or list views, what happened?

  • You likely have entered something in the search bar, that is limiting what appears in map and list views. Tap the ‘X’ inside the search bar (top right corner of your screen) to close the search.
  • If that doesn’t work, open the layers menu (icon in the bottom right corner of the screen) and select “Show me Everything!” or select individual categories that you would like to view.

How do tours work?

  • Tours are similar to other features in Driftscape, with some extra additional elements.
  • On the main page for a tour you will see three icons in the bottom left: these are info, stops and map. Info provides a general overview of the tour, stops lists all the stops on the tour, and map shows you the route the tour will take.
  • Tap the ‘Start tour’ button to begin the tour at the first stop.
  • When you’re viewing a tour stop, you can use the arrows at the bottom of your screen to move to the next stop.

How can I discover things that are near me?

Tap on the circular ‘Home’ button near the bottom right hand corner of your screen when you are in map or list view. The map will zoom to your current location, and the list view will show the things that are closest to you first.

What determines the order that things appear in list view?

  • The items in the list are ordered based on their distance from the center of the map view.
  • So, if you have tapped the home button to center the map on your location, the list will show you what’s closest to you.
  • When you are in map view and you change what you’ve selected (either by turning categories off and on, or by searching for something) the map will automatically zoom so that you can see everything that you’ve selected, or searched for.

When will there be new things to discover on Driftscape?

  • Whenever you open the app, we check our servers to see if there is any new and exciting content for you to explore.
  • These updates can take up to a couple minutes, but you can always use the app while the update is happening in the background.

I think I found a bug in the app, or it crashed. How do I report it?

Please help us make Driftscape better by reporting your issue to us: Include a description of the problem, what you were doing, what device you are using, what OS version it is (Apple Settings, General, About, Version field), and the version of the Driftscape app (Settings, build number at the bottom.)

Does Driftscape require an internet connection?

Yes: for Driftscape to work properly, you need internet access (wifi or data).
But Driftscape supports viewing through the Save for Offline feature. Select some POIs in the map by zooming into them and tap the Save for offline button. Once saved, you will be able to view that content later on when you do not have an internet connection.

How do I get the latest version of Driftscape?

  • Go the App Store, and search 'Driftscape'. Click the 'Update' button (which will only appear if an update is available.)
  • Or, use the Updates screen in the App Store to update Driftscape and other apps.

How can I share what I’ve discovered on Driftscape with others?

  • If you’re viewing a place, event or tour you’ll find icons at the bottom of the page for facebook, Twitter and e-mail. You can click on any of to share what you’ve discovered.
  • Please note that if you are tweeting from Driftscape, you won’t see a preview of the link you’re about to tweet, but it will display properly in Twitter.

Which Apple devices can I use Driftscape on?

  • You can use Driftscape on any iPhone or iPad running an operating system version 9.0 or higher. You can check which operating system version you are running in the Settings app > General >About > Version.
  • If you are running a version older than 9.0, you may be able to upgrade the device. Check the Settings app >General > Software Update

Which Android devices can I use Driftscape on?

  • You can use Driftscape on any Android phone or tablet running Android version 4.4 (KitKat / API-19) or above, with a screen size of 480x800px or larger. You can check which version of Android you have in the Settings app > About phone > Android version.
  • Your need to have the Google Play Store installed on your device.

How can I use Driftscape with Augmented Reality?

Download Driftscape version 2.0 (or later) from the App Store. Ensure you enable the app to access your phone's camera. Currently, the AR feature is supported for iOS devices (6S and above) only.

How can I explore, using Driftscape, when I am offline/have no internet connection?

You never know when you’ll be stuck in an Internet dead zone. This is when an apps that works offline can be a godsend! To access Driftscape offline mode, ensure that you have updated your app. Once you launch your Driftscape app, on the top left corner you will see an option to "Save for Offline". Simply click that and follow the next steps! If you have any questions contact

How can I create a trip itinerary in my Driftscape app?

To begin, please ensure that you have updated your Driftscape app to the latest version. To start creating your trip itinerary:

  • Select the main app menu, located at the top left of the app (It looks like 3 horizontal lines)
  • Click on “My Trips” and the create a “New Trip”
  • Next, return to the app and browse through Places Events and Tours and select your favourite ones to add to your Itinerary.
  • To add a point of interest to your itinerary, open it and tap on the “heart” icon located at their top right side. Then select the itinerary you wish to add the point of interest to by tapping the heart icon located next to its name. That’s it! You just added your first stop to your itinerary.
  • Do this step for each point of interest to continue building your Trip itinerary.
Remember, You can move from trip stop to trip stop, all from within the feature view, from the Heart menu, or the direction icons at the bottom of the feature content. You can also get directions from the previous trip stop to the current trip stop, from the Heart menu itself. As well as share your trip via email with yourself or others! That’s it! You are all set for your next adventure.

I am not seeing new content in Driftscape?

Make sure you leave Driftscape running in the foreground after opening it, and change your timeout setting to 5 minutes or more. If the timeout is set for a very short duration (1 minute or lesser), then the database sync process that checks for new content may not finish successfully, and your content does not update