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Tell your stories, encourage exploration, and gain valuable insights about your visitors with Driftscape!


Why Choose Driftscape?

 There are many reasons why organizations like yours choose Driftscape!



"What is There to do Here?"

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Go Digital

Quickly and Easily

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Locals to Explore



Print Costs



Local Shopping



Your Visitors Centre



New Updates

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Tell Stories

of Local History and Sites 


Go Green

Eliminate Printed Guides


Highlight Places

Set your destination apart. Highlight local hotspots, businesses or hidden gems. Tell the story of each site and allow visitors and locals to learn more as they explore. Empower your locals and visitors with up-to-date information real-time updates.

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Promote Events

Promote your events, festivals and experiences. Explorers will see your upcoming events and read all about them. At the event, they'll be able to navigate the venue from their phone! Create an added buzz to your event with Driftscape social sharing!


Create Self-guided Tours & Quests

Visitors and curious locals want to explore! Self-guided tours are an amazing way to tell the stories of your sites, and Quests can make a game out of it! Add audio and video to give your visitors their very own tour guide!

Driftscape Features

Encourage exploration. Learn About Your Visitors.

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NEW! Driftscape 360 Images and Tours

Inspire your visitors to explore from home or on site through immersive, 360 images and virtual tours.


Create a customized plan for your needs, starting at only $1788 a year! 

Flexible Options Based on Your Goals

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"Driftscape has been a great supporter for ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021-2022. The team has been instrumental in helping make self-guided ArtworxTO Tours a reality!"

Manager, Year of Public Arts at City of Toronto
Joe Sellors

More Amazing Partners:

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Driftscape Resources

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Common Partner Inquiries

If I use Driftscape, will I have full control over my content?

Yes! Not only do you get full control over your content, but we’ll provide you with the training and tools you need to make changes whenever you want! Once published, your updates are immediately available to every Driftscape user

Our budget was cut this year, I’m not sure we can afford new tools.

We totally get it! The great thing is that by implementing Driftscape, you can actually reduce your print budget so no new budget needs to be found! Regardless of budget size, we will work with you to create a plan that fits in your budget and goals!

What are the benefits of using an app when our website has many of the same capabilities?

Great question! First of all, Driftscape is not meant to replace your website! Driftscape is an amazing complement to the stunning job you’ve already done. There are limitations to what your website can do for you once your visitors are at your destination. Mobile apps can provide your visitors with things like real time updates, send explorers notifications about sites that are nearby and enhanced experiences and updates. We also provide detailed analytics about who your visitors are, the sites they visit and how long they stay.

We want an app that only shows our town/city and nothing else.

We can solve this with Driftscape! If you want to give your visitors and locals an exclusive view, we have tools available to you that will allow you to show only your content. An app that highlights only your destination is called a white-label solution. These apps are very expensive to create and maintain and won’t have nearly the same audience as a shared platform like Driftscape. This is because when you use a white label solution, it’s solely up to you and your marketing efforts to get visitors to download the app. Oftentimes, white-label mobile apps get less than a few hundred downloads. A single shared mobile app leverages the marketing reach of all partners, with a common interest in exploration and discovery for tourism. Our user growth expands rapidly with every new content partner added.

How long does it take to get set up with Driftscape?

That is completely dependent on how much content you already have created! We’ve seen customers have everything ready to go in a month, and for others it can take up to two months. Regardless of the amount of time, our Customer Success team will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions, provide training, and strategize on how to reach your goals!

Can I get information about my visitors who explore using Driftscape?

Yes! We can provide you with detailed information about where your visitors are coming from, the sites they visit, how long they stayed, plus many other details. Check out our “advanced analytics” information on our features page for more information.

Is there a version of Driftscape for our website? Or can we embed maps?

This is something our engineering team is working on, for release early 2021. Stay tuned, or get in touch to discuss further.

How does Driftscape charge customers for the service?  Do we have to pay extra to edit or maintain?  Are there upfront costs?

Driftscape charges an annual subscription fee, that’s it. The price is determined when you sign up and is based on the package you choose and any additional features that you wish to add. You can log in and make changes at any time. There will never be any additional fees to you and you will never have a surprise invoice!

Do we have to pay for bug fixes or updates to the app?

No way! This is all part of the service. Your annual subscription fee covers all updates, bug fixes, etc.

Are the Android and iOS apps different?

We strive to make sure both platforms are 100% functionally the same, with similar user interfaces to make use obvious and easy for everyone. The only major difference in the two apps right now is Augmented Reality: we have not yet released this functionality for Android. We are working on it, and plan to release it this later this year (2021).

I have a question that’s not answered here

We’re happy to answer all of your questions! Email us at