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Flexible Custom Solutions at an affordable price.


More features in a digital discovery platform than you’ll find anywhere else.

Driftscape Features


Put the best of what’s nearby at your visitors’ fingertips. 


  • Create self-guided experiences and tours

  • Gamify exploration with augmented reality now in 3D, scavenger hunts, trivia and contests.

  • Gain insights about your visitors, including where they are from, which sites they visit, and more


Your visitors will have options to explore in augmented reality, plan their own custom trip, and get directions to every point of interest. 


Plus, easily add everything onto your website, using our interactive, embeddable web app.



Create an interactive guide for visitors to learn about your collections. 


  • Stop relying on static plaques. Declutter your exhibit space and leverage QR codes to help visitors learn more.

  • Design thematic content for different audiences (children, history buffs, etc)

  • Immerse your guests in the stories by adding audio tracks, video, or 360 virtual tours 


Enhance your visitors' experience using a trusted,  ready-made platform. No custom app creation required!  



Tell your stories, in your own voice, with the leading platform for Indigenous communities.


Driftscape’s powerful toolkit empowers you to create awareness of your history, culture and traditions through immersive storytelling features.

  • Share your language through audio tracks

  • Promote awareness of your culture through gamified experiences

  • Create content that is only accessible to your local community


You have complete control over what is shared, and with whom.

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Outdoor Attractions

Upgrade your visitor experience through gamified exploration and self-guided tools.  


  • Create 3D augmented reality scavenger hunts, trivia games, or contests

  • Leverage audio and video to tell the stories throughout your parks

  • Help visitors navigate with the “Get Directions” feature


Reduce your costs, create a sustainable exploration tool, and give your visitors fun and unique ways to explore your park.


BIAs, BIDs and Chambers 


Help your local community thrive by driving foot traffic, encouraging exploration, and creating engagement with your businesses, sites, and stories.


  • Create interest in businesses through gamified exploration

  • Incentivize shopping with coupons, and collectible points and rewards 

  • Help visitors navigate

  • Gather useful insights about your visitors


Plus, automatically update business listings on your website - no work required by you!

Outdoor Attractions
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Even More…

Driftscape offers flexible, customizable solutions for Tour Companies, Large and Multi-site Outdoor Events, Cultural and Historical Organizations and much more.


Think Driftscape might be the right solution for you?


Curious about our pricing?

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"Driftscape has been a great supporter for ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021-2022. The team has been instrumental in helping make self-guided ArtworxTO Tours a reality!"

Manager, Year of Public Arts at City of Toronto
Joe Sellors

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