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Driftscape brings Toronto’s public art to life with ArtworxTO Tours

Driftscape is an Ontario-based digital tourism company with a mission to make local culture easier to discover. Beginning on Wednesday September 22nd, the Driftscape app will host over 50 self-guided audio tours of the City of Toronto’s impressive and immense public art collection.

Created in collaboration with “ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021-2022,” new tours across the city from East to West enable Torontonians and visitors alike new opportunities to explore and appreciate the public art that is all around us. The tours offer users audio, video, image and text profiles of the City's extraordinary public art collection, from sculptures to murals and more. Driftscape, places a powerful tool in the hands of local Toronto residents and tourists interested in learning more about what they are seeing. ArtworxTO Tours have been developed in collaboration with local partners, including the University of Toronto, Toronto Society of Architects, East End Arts, Queen St. West Business Improvement Area and the Riverside Business Improvement Area, as well as many guided and narrated by local artists. Each tour offers users a rich experience at their fingertips. In addition to self-guided tours, users can also experience gamified scavenger-hunt style Quests designed to provide new ways for people to discover and enjoy public art, as part of a project supported by the Canadian Film Centre’s Fifth Wave Initiative.

A product of the Toronto-Waterloo innovation corridor, Driftscape has quickly grown to become one of Canada's leading discovery apps serving communities across the country. The Driftscape mobile app provides users with an enriched experience as they explore neighbourhoods, connecting them with local culture and events, points of interest, key attractions and local businesses, in collaboration with over 60 partner municipalities and organizations across Canada. The tool allows municipalities, and cultural and tourism organizations to promote themselves to users anywhere and, through augmented reality, provides a rich on-site experience for travellers and locals alike, on both iOS and Android platforms.

Driftscape Cofounders Chloe Doesburg and Dan Pronovost see a bright future for the company with growing interest in self-guided travel and heightened awareness of the power of mobile technology. Driftscape's robust ad-free platform now offers more than 6,000 points of interest in a growing roster of communities looking for innovative ways to reach audiences and attract interest. The Driftscape app has become particularly more relevant during the pandemic, helping events and organizations digitize and thrive in a challenging environment.

ArtworxTO: Toronto's Year of Public Art 2021–2022 is a year-long celebration of Toronto’s exceptional public art collection and the creative community behind it. Working closely with artists and Toronto’s arts institutions, the City of Toronto is delivering major public art projects and commissions, citywide, from fall 2021 to fall 2022. Supporting local artists and new artworks that reflect Toronto's diversity, ArtworxTO is creating more opportunities for Torontonians to engage with art in their everyday lives. This year, explore your city and discover creativity and community–everywhere. Visit for full details.

Contact the Driftscape team to explore the ways we can help you bring your community to the world! For more information contact or visit | Facebook - @DriftscapeApp | Twitter - @DriftscapeApp | Instagram - @driftscapeapp.


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