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Exploring the best of rural and urban life with the Municipality of North Perth and Driftscape

August 31st, 2021 | Ontario, CA - The Municipality of North Perth and Driftscape are pleased to announce the launch of their partnership. Aimed to digitize the municipality's tourism experiences, this new initiative will help North Perth equip its growing community and visitors with a modern-day guide to all its highlights - allowing them to tour, explore and discover in a safe yet engaging way, on-location and from the comfort of their homes.

We are excited to join Driftscape’s innovative and easy-to-use app to share the diverse experiences, events and food options North Perth offers. Sharing ‘things to do’ in a new and fun way with younger visitors and residents will support our youth attraction and retention efforts and bolster our economic growth. Already used broadly across Ontario and nationally, Driftscape will expand our reach to a new audience as they travel through our area plus reach locals looking for fresh options to learn, explore and discover within their community. Recreation and food options are key in relocation decision-making.

Says Kimberley Kowch, Community Development Coordinator at Municipality of North Perth.

With Covid restrictions relaxing, people have been on the lookout for experiences to enjoy and new ways to learn more about their surroundings. Keeping this need in mind, the municipality has mapped over 30 such local points of interest in the Driftscape app; ranging from recreational opportunities, dining experiences, local businesses, events, hiking trails to much more, creating a unique exploration opportunity for its tourists and locals.

Packed with several user engagement features such as self-guided audio tours, interactive quests, offline mode, shareable trip itineraries, and more, Driftscape has empowered the municipality to enhance its visitor experiences successfully.

Additionally, the app will help the municipality:

  • Deliver valuable and real-time information: In a way that appeals to their visitors and locals the most, while helping them safely and conveniently plan their trip - even if on the go!

  • Notify visitors about unique local businesses and tourism highlights that surround them, as they explore the region.

  • Locals can now also “couch-surf” and discover various places, within and outside the region, with the Driftscape app!

This platform will evolve as new experiences, events and food options expand. We will feature the amazing ways to explore and discover North Perth of particular interest to youth and young families to which this platform appeals. If you have an event or experience idea, email

Offering the best of both rural and urban life, this vibrant municipality is worth a visit. Ready to explore more? Download the Driftscape app from your play/app store for free today!

About Municipality of North Perth:

North Perth is a dynamic and growing home to over 13,000 residents and innovative businesses. Its bustling downtowns plus serene and beautiful rural landscapes entice you to stop and explore.

Perfectly located 1 hour from the lake, urban centres, skiing and more,we welcome you to absorb all that North Perth has to offer via its most popular places, events and venues.

About Driftscape:

Driftscape is a Canadian startup whose core product is a local discovery and travel app. The Driftscape app provides a platform for municipalities and unique cultural organizations to share their stories in an interactive and engaging fashion to a growing base of active users.

For users, the app is a personal guide that helps them explore their surroundings from the point of view of diverse local experts. The app also helps users discover places of interest, events, and tours from a growing list of content partners.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Driftscape is an ad-free platform dedicated to making local culture easier to discover. There are currently over 50 organizations using the app to share their stories and over 5000 points of interest, events, and tours across Canada.

For more information contact or visit | Facebook - @DriftscapeApp | Twitter - @DriftscapeApp | Instagram - @driftscapeapp.


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