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Explore Places and People That Tell Canada’s Stories with Historica Canada on the Driftscape App

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Canada | January 29, 2020Historica Canada, a charitable organization dedicated to enhancing awareness of Canadian history, and Driftscape, a Canada based augmented reality travel app company, are thrilled to announce their partnership. Through this strategic alliance, Driftscape and Historica aim to help spread awareness about the rich heritage that surrounds us in Canada.

Starting today, locals and visitors of Canada have a unique opportunity to engage with stories from Canada’s past and present with Historica Canada programs on the Driftscape app. The latest content rolling out in the app highlights events of importance in our country’s history through the Heritage Minutes, a collection of authored and accurate articles about Canada through The Canadian Encyclopedia, and experiences shared by veterans through The Memory Project.

Once you’ve downloaded Driftscape (available on Android and iOS) you’ll be able to find markers representing places of interest superimposed on the streetscape around you. Tap a marker to see the stories behind each place and learn about it from videos, historical photos and more. Did you know the Winnipeg Falcons won the very first gold medal in Olympic hockey? The team of Icelandic-Canadians served in the First World War before competing in the 1920 Games. Explore their story and more of Canada’s vibrant history and culture with Historica Canada on the Driftscape app.

We’re thrilled to partner with Historica Canada. We hope that with this partnership visitors of Canada will enjoy a seamless experience while they explore the rich heritage of this beautiful country.

- Driftscape CEO, Chloe Doesburg

We’re always looking for new avenues to share our stories of Canada’s past with Canadians.

This partnership with Driftscape is a perfect example of how we can explore stories of the past through technology of the present.

– Historica Canada President and CEO, Anthony Wilson-Smith

About Historica Canada

Historica Canada offers programs you can use to explore, learn, and reflect on our history and what it means to be Canadian. Their programs reached nearly 28 million Canadians last year, which makes them the largest independent organization of its kind.

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About Driftscape

Driftscape is a mobile app that provides a platform for local arts, culture, and history organizations to share their stories in a unique and interactive way. While doing so the app helps people explore what’s around them and see places of interest, events, and tours from a growing list of content partners and from the perspective of diverse local experts. Available on iOS and Android, this ad-free platform dedicated to making local culture easier to discover, currently has over 45 organisations that share their stories and over 3000 points of interest, events and, tours.

For more visit or Facebook - @DriftscapeApp | Twitter -@DriftscapeApp | Instagram - @driftscapeapp. Get Driftscape:


Media Contact:

Pooja Chitnis, Head of Marketing at Driftscape | | 437 972 1230

Andrea Hall, Communications Manager at Historica Canada | |

416 506 1867 x 261


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