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Toronto Festivals Doors Open and 100in1 Day now featured on Driftscape app.

TORONTO, ON | May 17, 2018 – Driftscape is now available for both iOS and Android and will act as an interactive map for Doors Open Toronto (May 26 & 27), and 100in1Day Toronto (June 2). Driftscape is poised to become the portal for locals and visitors in Toronto to see what’s happening around them all in one place. Driftscape is a mobile app that helps curious travellers and locals learn the story of their city. Users can explore the city’s site-specific history, culture, arts, and heritage – and now can also browse event listings for major city festivals such as 100in1Day and Doors Open. Users can access the events through both lists and maps and also get a notification when they’re near an event that’s happening, a place of interest, or a tour. Driftscape aims to make the city’s culture and history easy to discover:

“When we started Driftscape we had this sense that the city is just full of incredible stories waiting to be discovered – and they’re not always easy to find. We have lots of great tools that help us to find a restaurant or shops nearby, but our shared culture and history is often more difficult to uncover. With Driftscape – we aim to help you find what’s happening around you, and put diverse perspectives from local experts at your fingertips.

- Driftscape CEO, Chloe Doesburg.

In addition to festival listings, Driftscape features content from over 20 organizations. Read about Toronto’s indigenous history from First Story, hidden gems from Spacing and NOW Magazine, poetry from the Toronto Public Library, and much more. Users can explore places of interest, events and audio tours, and tailor what they see by selecting categories such as History, Music, Literature, and Curiosities, allowing for a richly-layered, customized experience. They can get alerts when they are near something they have expressed an interest in, and they can opt to view content from specific organizations.

Driftscape is just getting started and is looking for additional content partners, and new locations to launch the platform. The team behind Driftscape is based in Toronto and Waterloo, and has a mission to manage community-level content for community benefit. The Driftscape team believes that creating a platform where diverse stories can be shared will inspire a greater understanding of the spaces we inhabit and the people who share them. Incorporated in September 2017, Driftscape brings together multiple perspectives on Toronto, all in one place.

Driftscape for Android was released May 3, 2018. The iOS version was released November 21, 2017.

Listings for Doors Open Toronto can be viewed in the Driftscape app today. Listings for 100in1Day will be available very soon.

Find them on twitter and facebook @DriftscapeApp and by e-mail at Download Driftscape today:


Media Contact: Chloe Doesburg, Driftscape CEO:, 647 240 2958


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