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Driftscape 3.0 Now With Quests!

Looking for a FUN way to gamify exploration?

Introducing Driftscape Quests!

For Destinations: 


Guide your locals and visitors through important local sites and stories with Driftscape Quests (scavenger hunts). Quests can be played on location in AR mode or from the comfort of your home in map mode, a great way to give your locals and visitors a safe yet fun adventure! 


Backed with hints, images, videos and audio capabilities, this feature helps you gamify tourism and share a unique experience with your visitors, leaving them wanting more. It’s also a fun way to drive momentum in  your “shop local” initiative by making your local business a stop along the hunt!

For Explorers:

Head to your app/play store and update your Driftscape app!


Search for #quests in the app's search bar and begin your hunt for hidden gems across Toronto and soon, Canada! Why explore alone? Challenge friends and family, and with the help of guided hints see who can find all the stops along the quest first!

To view a video guide on how to quest, click here!

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