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10 Powerful Reasons To Choose a Mobile Solution to Market your Destination

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

1. Create an immersive storytelling experience for your history and sites

Today’s explorers don’t want just a directory of sites to see, they want to hear the stories behind them too. Mobile solutions help you combine the power of audio, video and image galleries with storytelling, giving your visitors an immersive experience as they explore your history and sites. Modern-day guides like Driftscape can empower your destination to create a memorable experience for both your visitors and locals!

2. Answer the question; “What is there to do here?”

Visitors and locals are always looking to answer the question, “what is there to do here?”

Mobile solutions like Driftscape will equip your visitors with 24/7/365 access to information about your sites, stories, and experiences on-the-go!

3. Encourage your visitors to stay longer

Help your destination’s tourism economy peak! While location aware notifications can influence exploration of sites that are often missed out on, engagement features such as augmented reality and scavenger hunts can help gamify tourism experiences, making it more appealing for your visitors and locals to spend more time exploring.

With many such visitor engagement features, Driftscape gives you the tool to encourage longer stays at your destination.

4. Provide instant updates

Let’s face it, when using web or print based guides, getting instant information out to locals and visitors can be a challenge. Using a mobile app like Driftscape, you can provide instant updates about events, your sites, or even your local businesses! Keep your visitors/locals informed and active with Driftscape!

5. Help your locals explore their own backyard

Your locals want to explore their hometown, but often miss the amazing hidden gems that are right there in their own backyard. By exploring through Driftscape, your locals will learn about these hidden gems, adding to their sense of hometown pride while creating a unique staycation opportunity.

6. Stay top of mind as a destination to visit

Mobile solutions offer people across the world the ability to “couch surf”, keeping them aware about your destination’s highlights as they explore from home. Tools like Driftscape help make this couch-surfing experience even more entertaining through its “Quest from home”, self-guided audio and video tours, easy to create and share trip itineraries planning, and other engagement features - ensuring that your destination stays top of mind on their next adventure!

7. Go Digital

Studies have proven that mobile apps are the future of tourism. With over 60% of tourists using apps to gather information and plan their trips, these solutions have quickly become a must in every destination’s digital tool belt. With Driftscape, you too can empower your visitors with an interactive exploratory tool, while complementing your website perfectly!

8. Reduce print

Printed materials get outdated quickly and can be expensive to print/reprint and distribute. Mobile solutions like Driftscape can help you save money, reduce the need for printed materials, and go green. This helps bolster your annual available marketing budget while you sustain Canada’s natural beauty!

9. Promote your local businesses

The pandemic reminded us of the importance of “buying local”. Mobile solutions are a great way to promote your local businesses while expanding their reach - increasing footfall and ensuring that they can thrive through any given environment. With Driftscape you can add a fun edge to this experience too. By adding your businesses as a stop along scavenger hunts, you can drive traffic to them even on those rare occasions where people are not necessarily looking to shop!

10. It’s not as expensive as you think

We customize packages based on your needs and goals, with cost effective solutions.

Plus, Driftscape’s shared platform gives you an instant audience. You’ll be able to leverage the marketing power of every partner using Driftscape, reaching thousands of explorers immediately!

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