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A Trivia Challenge Featuring Hallelujah Point!

Updated: 6 days ago

Hallelujah! A shout of triumph rings across the water from this point on Vancouver's Stanley Park Seawall. A cry from exhausted joggers? A refrain from a Leonard Cohen song? Neither!

How did Hallelujah Point get its name?

The origins of this placename are indeed religious and stem from the outdoor Sunday meetings of the Salvation Army held near this spot. Apparently, Vancouver locals could hear the ecstatic cries of the Salvation Army missionaries and their congregation all the way across the water. Over time, this slight promontory of Brockton Point became known as Hallelujah Point and the name has stuck, even though the Salvation Army moved into better, and no doubt drier, quarters downtown.


Vancouver's penchant for terms of endearment has continued down the years. In 2021 a barge washed up on a beach in English Bay after a storm prompting the Parks Board to erect a sign calling the site “Barge Chilling Beach”. The barge has since moved on, as has the sign, but no doubt the name will stick for years to come.


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