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A Trivia Challenge from 1972!

Updated: Jan 5

It is 1972. You are sitting in the audience at the Stratford Festival watching celebrated Shakespearean actor Willian Hurt play King Lear. He exits the stage after a stirring monologue but just before he does so he says “Canada 1, Russia 0”. The place erupts.

The 1972 Summit hockey series between Canada and the then USSR gripped the entire country, if not the entire world. Everyone, actors included, had one eye on their work and one eye on the game.

In 1972 Russia was emerging from the Cold War. The hockey series was a kind of early stage diplomatic ice-breaker as the China-USA ping-pong games had been the year before, albeit with far more spectators. Long-time hockey commentator Foster Hewitt called the game, in his inimitable style, until Paul Henderson's goal in the dying seconds of game 8 to clinch the series. Today, you can visit a plaque outside the former Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto to honour the event.

Driftscape’s latest trivia question challenges your knowledge of this important event.

Who was the commentator for the historic summit series of hockey between Canada and the USSR, 1972?

Think you know the answer?

This trivia question features a story brought to you by Cancarta on the Driftscape app. With thousands of sites of national historic significance as determined by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (HSMBC).. Cancarta presents each of these heritage sites, persons and events. Most are commemorated with a burgundy plaque with gold lettering installed at the location most representative of the designation.

About Driftscape Trivia:

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