Discovering Toronto with Cooks Bay Marina!

Toronto has always been a city of many hidden gems; ranging from historical landmarks, lush gardens, sunken ships at its serene waterfront, to so much more. Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying the week Cooks Bay Marina has provided you with a BOAT load of activities to enjoy through their two newest virtual tours on the Driftscape app!

Downtown Toronto Tour: Start with a quick stop at the Bata Shoe Museum, home to the world's largest, most comprehensive collection of shoes and footwear-related objects, and wind your way through the bustling streets of Toronto, while our tour helps you uncovers various hotspots like the St. Lawrence Market, Hockey Hall of Fame, Clarence Square and many more!

Toronto Waterfront Tour: Calm and flowing soothingly, Toronto’s waterfront is laced with rich

history, must visit hangouts, and mesmerizing picnic spots for those lazy Sunday afternoons!

Cooks Bay Marinas Waterfront tour is your guide to it all.

For the water baby in you, once you’ve got your fill of the city, be sure to head back to Cooks Bay to enjoy a water-based adventure with your family while you soak in a beautiful sunset - The perfect end to a perfect day!

To begin your adventure download the Driftscape App here:

About Cooks Bay Marina:

Located at 1155 Gilford Rd, Innisfil, Ontario and a short drive away from the GTA, Cooks Bay

Marina is one of Lake Simcoe’s premier marinas. Welcoming both sailors and power boaters to their protected harbour, the Marina promises to surpass all expectations! The Marinas boat launch also provides Ramp Pass clients and Dry Sailors with quick access to excellent fishing grounds and superior leisure spots on Cooks Bay.

Cooks Bay Marina offers many amenities and services to help enhance the boating seasons,

including but not limited to: