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Ready to have a SPOOK-TACULAR time this Halloween?

Updated: 3 days ago

All trick-or-treaters, big and small, are in for a great time this fall. Take a trip down the streets of Downtown Guelph on October 29th, 2022 to immerse yourself in a Halloween event like no other!

The “What” of it!

This year we see Guelph’s famous Trick-or-Treat event return after a 2 year long hiatus due to COVID. But have no fear, it’s back with a bang! Over 30 local businesses are joining the game, offering delicious treats to those who can uncover their trail. What’s more, there’s a grand prize for the one with the most spook-tastic outfit!

The “How” of it!

Visitors and locals simply need to download the royal city’s free tourism app - Driftscape. Once done, the hunt for pumpkin gems hiding this Halloween’s most coveted treats begins!

To download the app, click here.

Halloween Event

Halloween is that one night a year when you get to be whoever you want and earn some rewards - while having a fun time with family and friends. So get your costume on and download the Driftscape app to uncover all that’s there to do this Halloween 2022!

For more event-related details click here.

Who is Driftscape?

Driftscape is a Canadian startup whose core product is a free local discovery and travel app that acts as a personal guide to its users - helping them explore their surroundings from the point of view of diverse local experts, in an interactive and engaging fashion.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Driftscape is an ad-free platform dedicated to making local culture easier to discover. There are currently over 60 organizations using the app to share their stories and over 7000 places, events, and tours mapped across Canada.



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