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A Trivia question on the Aisina'pi carvings

Southeast of Calgary, Alberta, by the US border, near the banks of the Milk River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is the largest collection of indigenous rock art across the North American plains. Áísínai’pi, in the Blackfoot language, means essentially to go out to the land and make your mark and that is what the ancient Blackfoot peoples did in what is today called the Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.


The sandstone cliffs proved an excellent tablet for the early artists who etched these pictograms into the soft stone about 3,000 years ago in 1050 BCE. Images of people, of animals, of shields, and events in the lives of the early Blackfoot are carved into the face of the sandstone cliffs, telling the stories, graphically, of a people who at the time had no written language.


Ready for our latest trivia question?

When were the Aisina'pi carvings carved?

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