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Make Digital Connections Feel Personal

Updated: Jul 8

3 great tips to help make digital connections with your customers/visitors feel more personal:

Start Texting

Let’s face it… Phone lines are jammed, hold times are way too long and with everything going on, nobody wants to sit on the phone all day trying to get a hold of you. Giving your customers a way to text you is convenient for them and easy for you to handle. Have you thought about adding services like order by text or allowing customers to ask questions through text?

Go Live

Event Industries have been quick to pivot their strategies in order to ensure survival and continued stream of revenue by going down the live streaming route - a great way to break social distancing barriers! But why does it have to just be events? Customers are now more than ever looking for more ways to be social and interact with people or brands. Why not take advantage of this! Live streaming has never been easier with social media and its benefits for brands are astronomical. Don’t believe us? Check out this article published in Forbes outlining just some of the benefits live streaming offers.

Publish Content

Now more than ever it is important to be publishing content on every outlet possible. Have social media pages? Let your followers know how you are handling the situation. A great tip: If you are a restaurant, why not share a video of your sanitization process to reassure people about your safety standards so that they feel more comfortable in placing take-out/delivery orders with you. Do you work with local media sources? See if you can post your updates there. Subscribed to applications or marketing programs? Use these to your advantage by adding more content and interacting with your audience as much as possible. An example of this is the Driftscape App. Over 45 organizations across Canada are actively using the app to create virtual adventures for their visitors and locals as well as a source to support their local businesses in an interactive and engaging way.

If you want in, contact Driftscape at



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