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New Tour! Hear Kensington.

A new music tour of Kensington Market is now available on the Driftscape App!

This tour from Track Toronto invites you to explore Kensington Market through music and storytelling. It features interviews with Jason Collett, Ron Hawkins, Andrew Cash, Delta Will, Abdominal and other local musicians. You’ll hear songs and stories about the neighbourhood, and get a taste of just how unique a place Kensington Market really is. We visit local recording studios, venues, music shops and many sites of musical inspiration. Explore the market with us, and meet many of the people who make it special — all while enjoying some great music along the way!

You can access this tour 2 ways (you don’t need to be on location to listen — though it’s a great way to do it!):

If you have an iPhone or iPad: Download the Driftscape App, then search for the Hear Kensington Tour, or click on the black and white marker at the corner of Spadina Avenue and St. Andrew Street.

If you’re on Android (or listening from a computer): Get the web version here.

The Hear Kensington tour was created by Track Toronto and Driftscape with the support of Myseum of Toronto, as part of their exhibition Music from People City.



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