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What to see & Where to eat at St. Marys - A Driftscape Guide

Nestled in Southwestern, Ontario is the historic Town of St. Marys - one of the oldest towns and a true hidden gem with something for everyone! From rich heritage to recreational activities, there is plenty to discover here, and the Driftscape app is your guide to it all!

With a plethora of options to choose from, it can often get confusing or overwhelming, and so, we at Driftscape went over nearly 75 “worth discovering places in St. Marys to create a short and quick guide on “what to see and where to eat” when at St Marys for a day! Keep reading to find out more...

See St. Marys - Driftscape Top 3 Picks of the Day

First up we have a place that will pique the interest of baseball fans - The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Originally located in Toronto, St. Marys won the bid for the new location in 1994. The museum is now a local favourite and a major driver in tourism for the town. So grab your fellow baseball enthusiasts and spend a couple of hours reliving all of the monumental Canadian baseball moments through the years! This stop will for sure be a home-run on your trip through the town.

Second on our list is Sarnia Bridge - A perfect mid-day adventure!

Take a stroll through the Grand Trunk Trail and cross over one of St. Marys most popular tourist attractions. For those into photography, you can get some great shots from the bridge of the Thames River! The Grand Trunk trail runs 3.2 km and you’ll hit the bridge about halfway through, so give yourself about 2 hours to walk it. By the end of your stroll, you’ll get why it’s such a popular landmark!

Finally, a trip to St. Marys is not complete without a visit to the Historic Water Tower.

This site is a major part of the rich history of St. Marys since 1899. You can clearly see the town’s slogan “St. Marys, The Town Worth Living In” on the side of the tower from a mile away - you can’t miss it!

Eat St. Marys - Driftscape’s Top 3 Picks of the Day

Mix the top 3 “See St. Marys” with a gastronomic experience from our “Eat St Marys - Driftscape Top 3 Picks of the Day”!

This spot is perfect to enjoy a locally sourced salad, a handcrafted burger, or a handheld meal inspired by international cuisine. Grab a spot on the patio and overlook the beautiful golf course - who knows it might even inspire you to play a quick round after your meal! Whatever you’re craving, there will be something to satisfy you at Social Thirty One.

For dinner, check out Gordy’s - a local favourite!

Enjoy great food and delectable drinks while you mingle with some of the locals who will happily tell you their tales about St. Marys. Gordy’s is guaranteed to give you that small town vibe, leaving you feeling like a true local!

Fun fact: Did you know that Gordy’s is located in a historic limestone post office? So cool!

To end the day, head to Hearn’s Ice Cream for a cool and tasty treat!

Open since 1967, Hearn’s is a family run business and a proud member of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association. Serving St. Marys for over 50 years, they are a local staple and a “must-visit” to cool off on a hot summer day or to simply end your day on a sweet note!

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