“Driftscape Community Scavenger Hunt” - Supporting Local Businesses, while Staying Safe

As per a recent report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), half of the small businesses in Canada reported a drop in sales due to COVID-19 and a quarter don’t think they will be able to stay in business! With this, many of us are wondering:

“What can we do to help that friendly neighborhood store survive, while also staying safe?”

To answer this question and to address the growing need for activities to do in isolation, we at Driftscape are happy to announce the launch of our “Driftscape Community Scavenger Hunt” which we are now piloting in Toronto’s Junction Triangle (JT) neighbourhood!

With this newly launched scavenger hunt, Driftscape users in and around the area have a chance to stumble upon hidden treasures - ranging from free meals and discounts to so much more - while out on a walk with their dog or on a grocery errand in Junction Triangle. Most JT Residents will even be able to find prizes without leaving home.