Explore the Rich Heritage of Ottawa Now with the Driftscape App!

Ottawa, CA, June 18, 2019 – Visitors to Ottawa and surrounding areas will now be able to explore the area’s rich history in Augmented Reality (AR) with the Driftscape app, an Ontario-based mobile app company devoted to making local arts, culture and history easier to discover.

With the help of its content partners Ottawa Museum Network, Goulbourn Museum, Heritage Perth, Canadiana, Cancarta Historic Sites and more, Driftscape aims to help curious travellers and locals learn about where they are. Through the app, users will be able to explore places of interest, events and tours, and tailor what they see by selecting categories such as History, Architecture, and Curiosities, allowing for a richly-layered, customized experience. The app is designed to notify the user when they are near something they have expressed an interest in, and they can opt to view content from specific organizations.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding to Ottawa. We hope that visitors will use Driftscape as a unique way to explore the city and that other organizations in and around Ottawa will learn about Driftscape as a great way to share their stories. ”

- Driftscape CEO, Chloe Doesburg

Once you’ve downloaded Driftscape you’ll be able to use the AR mode (for iOS) to find markers representing places of interest, events and tours superimposed on the streetscape around you. Tap a marker to see the stories behind each place and learn about it from videos, historical photos and more. Did you know that the most notorious murder in Canadian history was carried out on Sparks Street in Ottawa or that the community of Stanley’s Corners was once known as Rathwell’s Corners, named after Mr. and Mrs. John Rathwell. Mr. Rathwell was the local school teacher and Mrs. Rathwell opened her home to travelers looking for respite on the road to and from Ottawa. Mrs. Rathwell’s hospitality attracted visitors and made a name for the small village! Explore this and more of Ottawa’s vibrant history and culture with the Driftscape app.

More at www.driftscape.com.

Download Driftscape for Android and iOS today at: www.driftscape.com/download. Find Driftscape on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and by email at hi@driftscape.com.


Media Contact: Pooja Chitnis, Driftscape Marketing Lead: pooja.chitnis@driftscape.com, 437 972 1230

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