A Day in the Life of a Perth Local!

There is something magical about small towns, the experience they offer its visitors is second to none! And the Town of Perth is no exception to this. This picturesque town is known to make even its visitors feel like locals.

Did you know that the Town of Perth is a historic town with nearly 200 years under its belt!

What makes it even more fascinating is that many of the town’s original buildings are still standing and in use today. A great example of such a historic landmark is the Matheson House. Built in 1840, it now houses the Perth Museum. Talk about aging gracefully!

Laced with rich history in almost every corner, life as a local in the Town of Perth is a historic adventure every day! Join us as we take you (virtually) through some of our favourite Perth sites - exploring food, shopping, history, curiosites and more!

Ready? Let’s go!

Personally, we believe food and travel always go hand-in-hand, and the Town of Perth’s local hot spots add a beautiful twist to this experience.

Local grub shop, Blackfly Grubhub, is known not only for their creamy and delectable donuts but also for the rustic ambiance it is gifted with, thanks to its historic location - the Code’s Mill Building.