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A Day in the North - A Driftscape Adventure

Driftscape top pick of the month brings to you a truly northern adventure this November, in partnership with Tourism North Bay!

Fun fact about the City of North Bay.

Did you know that this city is known as the “Gateway to the North”! It has been home to true northern experience since the ’80s, attracting visitors from far and wide. It is said, there is an invisible line that you cross when you enter North Bay. Once crossed, you enter a whole new world of culture and adventure unlike anywhere else in Ontario!

Are you ready to cross the line? Let's get going!

Let’s start with a quick swing by Twiggs Coffee Roasters.

Located at 473 Fraser St., North Bay, Twiggs Coffe Roasters uses organic coffee beans, brought in directly from their countries of origin, and are freshly roasted in-house. What could be a better way to fuel up for a day full of adventure than grabbing this authentic and freshly brewed coffee - Hello morning delight!

Coffee in hand, it's time to start our adventure with a 7 stop self-guided tour. Found on the Driftscape app, the Historical Architecture Tour is perfect for all the history and architecture enthusiasts out there!

With a quick stroll through the city’s downtown, this tour takes you through local landmarks like the North Bay Museum, Pro-Cathedral, and more. Not only will you travel through time, but also learn some great historical facts about this beautiful city. Play the video below to uncover one such fact!

Curious to find out more? Click here to start the tour!

Next up is something for the nature lovers. But first, let's grab a sandwich from North Bay’s very own local dive, Between the Bun! Did you know that this family-owned hidden gem is popularly known to have the “freshest buns in town”. How can we say no to that!

With our tummy's full, it's now time for a scenic hike! North Bay is filled with trails that are sure to help you get that much needed mental detox.

Choose any one from the 7 trails mapped on the Driftscape app. Ranging from the iconic Duchesnay Falls to the Laurentian Escarpment, your choice is sure to set you up for an enjoyable walk across mesmerizing routes of the city, a mountain biking session, snowshoe session in the winter, to so much more. The best part is, most of these trails are open all through the year!

Click here to select your trail.

Locals of North Bay will tell you that a trip to the city is incomplete without a visit to its community staple - the North Bay Waterfront!

With plenty of activities ranging from bike rides to kayaking, this is the perfect spot to swing by with your family and friends. Don’t forget to snap a photo in front of the iconic Gateway Arch!

Click here to check it out.

Finally, finish off your day at The Boat!

Enjoy a delicious dinner at this famous landmark floating restaurant while you learn about the history of The Chief Commanda and its importance to North Bay - all while taking in a spectacular view of the sunset over Lake Nipissing.

With this, we come to the end of our “Day in the North”. Hope you enjoyed this journey across North Bay and we look forward to seeing you soon on our next adventure!

Interested to discover more? Download the Driftscape app today!

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